WUWT Retro TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUWT Retro TV in the Pdcah

This is the WUWT Retro TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Pdcah. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 PMCold Squad 
Ali investigates when a convicted murderer swears he's innocent; Nicco probes a missing person's case; and Harper struggles with his feelings for Sonia.
12:00 AMDisasters of the Century 
7:00 AMDaytime 
An interview show featuring celebrity guests.
8:00 AMMorning Beats 
8:30 AMThe Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 
Joe paints the living room for Clara. Connie Harper, Frank Cady, Lyle Talbot.
9:00 AMPetticoat Junction 
The Cannonball may be scrapped by Curtis, the railroad president. Bea Benaderet, Roy Roberts, Charles Lane.
9:30 AMDangerous Assignment 
A newspaperman's murder in Rangoon is traced to members of a political-refugee racket. Steve: Brian Donlevy. Marge: Elisabeth Fraser. Commissioner: Herb Butterfield. Dalai Sing: Ralph Moody. Valdare: Eugene Borden. Chambers: Arthur Space. Khamees: Eric Feldary. Ramat: Ted Hecht. Lazarus: Steve Geray. Linya: Lillian Moliere.
10:00 AMShotgun Slade 
If nothing else, this Western abut a frontier detective was different for its jazz score (composed by Gerald Fried) and odd mix of guest stars, ranging from Ernie Kovacs to NFL great Elroy `Crazylegs' Hirsch.
10:30 AMAdventures of Annie Oakley 
11:00 AMThe Doctors 
Romance made the rounds on this lively, long-running drama about bed-hopping healers at a metropolitan medical center. It premiered the same day as `General Hospital.' Originally an anthology series, it switched to a serialized format in 1964 and went to color two years later. In 1972, it scored the Daytime Emmy for Best Drama.
11:30 AMRay Bradbury Theater 
A man uncovers the secrets of the wind. Michael Sarrazin.

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