WQAD Antenna TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WQAD Antenna TV in the Peoria

This is the WQAD Antenna TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Peoria. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 PMNewsRadio 
Dave tapes a message for high schoolers at his alma mater. Don Perry, Maura Tierney, Jon Lovitz, Dave Foley.
12:00 AMBecker 
Becker struggles to write an article for a medical journal; Jake is pressured to commit by the woman he's dating. Kenna Ramsey.
12:30 AMBecker 
Becker copes with Valentine's Day. Josh Blake, Alicia Brandt.
1:00 AMDesigning Women 
Mary Jo entertains a snob at the mansion she's decorating. Ann Dusenberry, Barbara Beckley.
1:30 AMDesigning Women 
Julia is asked for a date by a terminally ill classmate. Bruce French, Dixie Carter.
2:00 AMMurphy Brown 
Murphy suspects she's pregnant. Part 2 of three. Candice Bergen, Robin Thomas.
2:30 AMMurphy Brown 
Conclusion. Murphy tells Jake he's going to be a father. Robin Thomas, Candice Bergen.
3:00 AMIt's a Living 
Dot is unnerved by an old boyfriend who's now a priest doubting his commitment. Sam Freed, Gail Edwards, Sheryl Lee Ralph.
3:30 AMIt's a Living 
Nancy has a meeting with a vice-president from the restaurant chain. Jan Murray, David Selburg, Marian Mercer.
4:00 AMI Dream of Jeannie 
Dr. Bellows catches Tony taking a nap in midair. Chet Stratton, Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily, Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden.
4:30 AMI Dream of Jeannie 
An amnesiac Tony falls for Jeannie. Bill Daily, Larry Hagman.
5:00 AMBewitched 
Sam's face turns up on a Da Vinci. Kasey Rogers, David White, Elizabeth Montgomery.
5:30 AMBewitched 
Endora becomes a loving mother-in-law. John Fiedler, Alice Ghostley, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead.
6:00 AMMork & Mindy 
Mork can turn polyester into gold. Tracy Austin, George Pentecost, Kathleen McIntyre.
6:30 AMMork & Mindy 
Mindy's jailed for contempt of court. Pam Dawber, Barbara Billingsley, Judy Pioli, Phillip R. Allen, Robin Williams.
7:00 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch 
Life at school turns into a soap opera when Sabrina casts a spell to spice things up. Donna D'Errico, John Loprieno, Beverly Johnson.
7:30 AMSabrina, the Teenage Witch 
Sabrina shrinks herself to sneak out while grounded, then feels small for disobeying her aunts. Wayne Duvall, Tom McGowan.
8:00 AMJourney with Dylan Dreyer 
Outer space is examined.
8:30 AMThe Wildlife Docs 
9:00 AMOcean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin 
Caring for aquarium animals is the focus.
9:30 AMOcean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin 
Jeff studies brown bears on Kodiak Island.
10:00 AMOutback Adventures With Tim Faulkner 
Tim travels to the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia where he finds a variety of lizards and snakes; closer to home, he visits Hunter Valley Zoo to assist with antelope grooming.
10:30 AMDid I Mention Invention? 
11:00 AMDiff'rent Strokes 
Part 1 of two. Drummond is hospitalized. Robert Ginty, Robert Rockwell, Conrad Bain.
11:30 AMDiff'rent Strokes 
Conclusion. While Drummond is hospitalized, his partner runs the business. Robert Ginty, Conrad Bain, Robert Rockwell.

How to Watch WQAD Antenna TV

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