WMBD Laff TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WMBD Laff TV in the Peoria

This is the WMBD Laff TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Peoria. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 PMThat '70s Show 
The new girl in school attracts Fez; Donna wins concert tickets for a night Eric must work; Laurie styles Kitty's hair. Allison Munn, Debra Jo Rupp.
3:30 PMThat '70s Show 
Kelso asks the gang to dinner, but plans to run out on the check. Allison Munn, Brian Dinkleman, Don Stark.
4:00 PMAccording to Jim 
Cindy Crawford and Mike Ditka appear as Jim lodges a consumer complaint on Dana's behalf. Kimberly Williams, Larry Joe Campbell.
4:30 PMAccording to Jim 
Jim offends new neighbors by commenting on something he overheard on a borrowed baby monitor. Stacey Travis, Pat Finn.
5:00 PMAccording to Jim 
Jim tries to save his favorite pizzeria by mediating a dispute between the owner and his son (Jim Belushi's son Robert).
5:30 PMAccording to Jim 
Cheryl and Jim fight over closet space, so Jim redecorates their bedroom à la his single days. Ryan McPartlin, Tony Braunagel.
6:00 PMHome Improvement 
Tim and his sister-in-law see each other naked. Jensen Daggett, William O'Leary, Tim Allen.
6:30 PMHome Improvement 
Jill fumes over Tim's advice on talking to women. Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Patricia Richardson.
7:00 PMHome Improvement 
Tim and Al are arrested for scalping tickets to a hockey game. Max Gail, Sherry Hursey, Richard Karn.
7:30 PMHome Improvement 
Tim reviews "Tool Time" tapes when an upset stomach keeps him up. Tim Allen, Richard Karn.
8:00 PMThat '70s Show 
Donna works at a radio station. Alice Cooper has a cameo. Curtis Armstrong, Danny Bonaduce, Howard Hesseman.
8:30 PMThat '70s Show 
Eric errs with Donna on Valentine's Day; Laurie breaks Kelso's heart; Fez asks Caroline to go steady. Allison Munn, Debra Jo Rupp.
9:00 PMThat '70s Show 
Eric and Donna plan a weekend in a hotel; Kelso has an incident of impotence. Jennifer Lyons, Paul McKinney, Debra Jo Rupp.
9:30 PMThat '70s Show 
Eric and Red forget Kitty's birthday; being Jackie's friend takes an odd turn for Kelso. Allison Munn, Doug Killen, Debra Jo Rupp.
10:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
The gang try to break up Barney and Quinn after learning that the couple plan to move in together. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin argue over subletting her apartment.
10:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Ted, Barney and Marshall ruminate on the future and what their lives will be like three years down the road.
11:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Barney wants to party all the time with Ted now that Ted's settled in a new apartment; Lily has a risqué dream about someone other than Marshall; and Robin's career hits a high point.
11:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother 
Marshall and Lily prepare for parenthood, but their methods differ; Ted deals with the aftermath of his fallout with Robin.
12:00 AMNight Court 
Christine's dad wreaks havoc in court and in her life. Eugene Roche, B.J. Turner, Beverly Sanders, Teresa Frost, Markie Post.
12:30 AMNight Court 
Harry tries to prevents Buddy from being committed. John Astin, Mel Torme, Shelley Berman, Alex Henteloff.
1:00 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
Love is in the air, kids and adults attempt to master the learning curve, and sometimes nothing is better than a pile of leaves.
1:30 AMWorld's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown 
Featured are people swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan, zip line mishaps, and speedsters pressing the pedal to the metal.
2:00 AMPaid Programming 
Innovative and high-quality products that you may be interested in purchasing.
2:30 AMPaid Programming 
Innovative and high-quality products that you may be interested in purchasing.
3:00 AMPaid Programming 
Innovative and high-quality products that you may be interested in purchasing.

How to Watch WMBD Laff TV

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If an antenna doesn't work for you, then live streaming may be the answer. Many live streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now have local channels on their service at drastically cheaper prices compared to what your local Cable TV provider offers. Check this report to see if you can stream WMBD Laff TV locally.