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Live TV schedule for qubo in the Phoenix (Prescott) Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Phoenix (Prescott) Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:30 PMThe DaVincibles 
It's a Presidential Smackdown when the DaVincis travel to Washington, DC, and their trip turns into the "battle of several centuries." Eager to crush his mortal enemies, Quba animates the statue of Abraham Lincoln to do his evil bidding.
7:00 PMBabar 
Babar faces his first challenge as King when the Hunter returns, determined to destroy Babar's kingdom.
7:30 PMBabar 
Babar's relationship with Celeste is jeopardized at an important palace ball, thanks to his two advisors, Cornelius and Pompadour.
8:00 PMBabar 
Babar's subjects try to build a rocket to beat Lord Rataxes to the moon, which jeopardizes Babar's hopes of remodeling an old theater.
8:30 PMBabar 
Babar lets a young circus boy live in the palace.
9:00 PMBabar 
Babar finds a pet warthog in the jungle.
9:30 PMBabar 
Babar and friends attempt to save the show from a rude ballerina.
10:00 PMBabar 
Babar prepares to perform with a great pianist; his nervousness over their duet affects his job.
10:30 PMBabar 
King Babar's crown mysteriously vanishes and Zephir decides to help him find it. They soon learn that Babar's friends stole the crown.
11:00 PMBabar 
Babar meets “the phantom”.
11:30 PMBabar 
Babar searches for a perfect birthday gift for the Old Lady.
12:00 AMThe '60s 
The '60s was a time of social, political, and cultural change in America and the music - vibrant, expressive, and unforgettable - provided the constant soundtrack to change
12:30 AMU2, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen 
1:00 AMForeigner, Peter Frampton, Chicago, Christopher Cross 
In the early '70s, rock music mellowed out creating the distinctive, laid-back sound of soft rock. Sit back and relax with the sun-kissed melodies of the softer side of rock.
1:30 AMMeaningful Beauty 7 
Join Cindy Crawford and Ellen Pompeo as they discuss their lives and the breakthrough skin care discovery that keeps them looking their best. Take a trip to the stunning French countryside to see the rare French melon that defies the aging process.
2:30 AMTotal Gym; the most effective way to stay your best, without leaving home! 
Total Gym is the only piece of equipment you need get into the best shape of your life! 30 Day Risk-Free Trial.
3:00 AMH2O Steam Fx Pro 
The latest innovation from H2O is the New H2O SteamFX Pro. It is a lightweight powerful handheld steamer that converts to a lightweight floor steamer in a snap.
3:30 AMTotal Gym; the most effective way to stay your best, without leaving home! 
Total Gym is the only piece of equipment you need get into the best shape of your life! 30 Day Risk-Free Trial.
4:00 AMThe Hard Truth 
Hard water wastes money. A natural and eco-friendly fix.
5:00 AMJerry and the Raiders 
Jerry and the Raiders pick raspberries for Jerry's mother on her birthday, but a spider web causes confusion for the Raiders.
5:30 AMVivi 
6:00 AMDoki 
Mundi house sits at a high-tech smart house that's full of gadgets; the team travels to Holland in the Netherlands to learn about windmills.
6:30 AMRainbow Ruby 
Ruby becomes an architect to help redesign Felicia's house after it accidentally gets destroyed; Rainbow Ruby becomes a scientist to figure out how to separate strawberries from other red objects.

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