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Live TV schedule for KTAZ Cozi in the Phoenix (Prescott) Area

This is the KTAZ Cozi TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Phoenix (Prescott) Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 AMThe Office 
Conclusion. Michael continues his speaking tour of various Dunder-Mifflin branches, with the Utica division offering a valuable life lesson for Michael. Meanwhile, a surly Scranton staff makes party-planning tasks difficult for Dwight and Jim.
9:30 AMThe Office 
Michael meets an enigmatic lady at a blood drive on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, a "lonely hearts party" at the office yields potential romances for Dwight and Kevin. And Pam and Jim share an uncomfortable lunch with Phyllis and Bob Vance.
10:00 AMThe Office 
Michael wants to place discounts inside paper packages for clients, resulting in office problems. Elsewhere, Kevin sets out to woo a woman, so Andy, Jim and Pam step up to give him (very different) pointers.
10:30 AMThe Office 
Michael plans for his big 15th-anniversary party at the branch, but the celebration fizzles when he encounters the strict new vice president (Idris Elba). In other events, Jim pulls yet another prank on Dwight, with a surprising outcome.
11:00 AMThe Office 
Michael and the new vice president butt heads as Michael shirks work and responsibility; Pam falls victim to the new copier; and Kelly develops yet another crush. Idris Elba guest stars.
11:30 AMThe Office 
Jim plays soccer with new boss Charles in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Michael fears the new workday, so much so that he's barely able to leave his house. But that doesn't stop him from assembling his "dream team."
12:00 PMThe Office 
Dwight and Andy form an unlikely kinship and plan a hunting trip together. Meanwhile, Charles demands a rundown from Jim, but Jim has no clue what "rundown" actually means. And Michael holds a Paper and Pancakes company luncheon.
12:30 PMThe Office 
Dwight regards Charles as his newest hero, which threatens his bond with Michael. Meanwhile, Andy comes to Jim's emotional rescue.
1:00 PMThe Office 
Michael faces problems with morning deliveries and mounting financial difficulties in his new endeavors. Meanwhile, the staffers scurry to finish their expense reports on deadline.
1:30 PMThe Office 
A conflict erupts in the new sales group, with mediator Michael stuck in the middle of the dispute. Meanwhile, the staffers get (too) relaxed on "casual Friday."
2:00 PMThe Office 
Michael introduces dance fever and coffee to the office, resulting in quite a jolt. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam rev up for a secret trip.
2:30 PMThe Office 
Season 5 closes with the annual company picnic, where Michael reunites with Holly (Amy Ryan). Elsewhere, the Scranton branch participates in a volleyball tournament.
3:00 PMThe Munsters 
A man is after Marilyn and her money. Charles Robinson, Richard Hale, Duncan McLeod.
3:30 PMThe Munsters 
Herman's sleeping off a sleeping pill in the museum. Pat Harrington Jr., Philip Ober, Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo.
4:00 PMThe Munsters 
Housewife Lily tries a modeling career. Roger C. Carmel, Lois Roberts, John Alvin.
4:30 PMThe Munsters 
Herman's in a school talent show. Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo, Butch Patrick.
5:00 PMFrasier 
Frasier becomes obsessed with death. Maddie Corman, Murray Rubenstein, Amy Lloyd.
5:30 PMFrasier 
Frasier works on Christmas day. Katheryn Danielle, John Finn, Hawthorne James.
6:00 PMFrasier 
Martin sleeps with a neighbor. Linda Stephens, Patrick Kerr, John Mahoney.
6:30 PMFrasier 
Frasier participates in a bachelor auction. Claire Stansfield, Ashley Bank, Brett Miller.
7:00 PMRoseanne 
Dan is reunited with his old band mate (John Popper). John Goodman (who plays Dan) also sings. John McConnell.
7:30 PMRoseanne 
The family gathers to make a video for the new baby. Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, Laurie Metcalf.
8:00 PMRoseanne 
Roseanne plans Leon's wedding---to Scott (Fred Willard). June Lockhart, Norm Crosby. Cameos by Milton Berle and Mariel Hemingway.
8:30 PMRoseanne    new  
9:00 PMThe Office 
Conclusion. The staffers anticipate their doc's premiere; Dwight plans to propose to Esther while overseeing interviews for an office position; Angela brings her baby to work; and Andy attends auditions.

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