WBZ Start TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WBZ Start TV in the Providence

This is the WBZ Start TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Providence. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:00 AMAny Day Now 
Rene defends a mentally challenged man; M.E. goes to work at a local magazine. Annie Potts, Lorraine Toussaint.
11:00 AMMedium 
Allison dreams of a killing from 1991 in which a doctor butchered a patient, but discovers the real villain dates back much farther in time.
12:00 PMMedium 
A search for a serial killer who removes victims' hearts teams Allison with a Texas Ranger.
1:00 PMCrossing Jordan 
Macy's team desperately searches for his missing daughter after evidence puts her at a murder scene where several bodies, including that of her boyfriend, were found.
2:00 PMCrossing Jordan 
A train carrying schoolchildren is destroyed by a bomb, and the crew must deal with the aftermath.
3:00 PMCold Case 
A rising female tennis player is strangled to death in her college dorm room in 1973 after defeating the school's top-ranked male player in a “Battle of the Sexes” fund-raiser.
4:00 PMCold Case 
An actor in a local production of “Cabaret” is murdered on opening night in 2002 outside of the theater.
5:00 PMCagney & Lacey 
The detectives go undercover at AA and Al-Anon meetings. Carole Cooke, Mike Chieffo, John Karlen, Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly.
6:00 PMThe Closer 
The shooting of a high-school principal whose school is entangled in scandal is investigated. Yet a territorial conflict erupts between Brenda and Fritz when Brenda's investigation overlaps with an existing FBI case.
7:00 PMThe Closer 
Santa's zip-line arrival into a Christmas village goes awry, triggering Brenda's investigation. Guest stars include Fred Willard, Christine Woods and Lauren Bowles.
8:00 PMMajor Crimes 
The team investigates the murder of an alleged rapist; Rusty catches his mother in a lie and questions her motives.
9:00 PMMajor Crimes 
A murder in a hotel room is probed in a case that comes with potential international repercussions; Rusty mulls over how to share a big secret with the squad.
10:00 PMGhost Whisperer 
Melinda is suspicious of a country home recently purchased by Delia's friend. Alan Ruck.

How to Watch WBZ Start TV

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