WQEC Create TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WQEC Create in the Qncy

This is the WQEC Create TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Qncy. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:30 AMGrowing a Greener World 
Margaret Roach maintains a garden which serves as a habitat to wildlife.
9:00 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara prepares Cuban dishes such as Shrimp Enchilados and Vegetarian Picada.
9:30 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara prepares Pork Loin in a creamy mustard sauce and an elegant Dirty Duck Rice.
10:00 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sarah gives her take on Latin American dishes.
10:30 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara prepares her version of Broccoli Goat Cheese Souffle Omelette.
11:00 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Mussels and Bok Choy gets a gingery broth. Ginger gives a Korean flavor to an ordinary burger.
11:30 AMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Elizabeth Karmel shows Sara how a grilled Chicken Paillard is prepared. Sara prepares a Warm Steak House Salad.
12:00 PMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sarah cooks a spicy Bahamian soup and the 'Cut up' salad with Norman Van Aken.
12:30 PMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara prepares a Rosemary Honey and Georgia Peach Chutney Burger and a Kielbasa Sandwich.
1:00 PMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara learns the secrets behind Martha Lou's Fried Chicken and White Chicken Chili.
1:30 PMSara's Weeknight Meals 
Sara serves local favorites like Pimento Cheese Sandwich, Huguenot Torte, and She Crab Soup.
2:00 PMThis Old House 
Old pine is used from a local sawmill to make a table and the knotty pine paneling is whitewashed.
2:30 PMAsk This Old House 
Beehive Oven, Jimmy Diresta.
3:00 PMCook's Country 
Bryan Roof makes a Prosciutto Bread. Ashley Moore prepares Drop Meatballs.
3:30 PMLidia's Kitchen 
Lidia offers roasting recipes, including: a salad of warm greens with bacon and mushrooms; an easy and elegant roasted pork loin with cabbage and dried cherry sauce; and roasted pear, blueberry and grape compote for dessert.
4:00 PMOver Hawai'i 
A tour of Hawaii's six major islands. Included: Hawaii's geology, plants and animals; ancient stories of Hawaiian deities; traditional beliefs that play an important role in modern Hawaiian life.
5:00 PMRick Steves' Europe 
A trip from France to the northwest corner of Spain includes a stop in Pamplona to run with the bulls. Also: Galicia's unique Celtic culture is explored.
5:30 PMMoveable Feast With Fine Cooking 
Chefs Henrique Sa Pessoa and Alexandre Silva cook up Portuguese dishes with a twist.
6:00 PMSimply Ming 
Chef Jacques P├ępin joins Ming for a cooka-thon in honor of their dear friend Anthony Bourdain.
6:30 PMCook's Country 
Bryan Roof talks about the secrets to making the Smoked Fish Tacos. Christie Morrison makes the ideal Grilled Steak Fajitas.
7:00 PMThe Great British Baking Show 
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood share Easter recipes, including hot cross buns, simmel cake, chocolate custard tarts and lemon meringue nests.
8:00 PMThe Best of The Joy of Painting 
Bob Ross paints a vibrant forest scene marked by a color filled sky and a flowing blue stream enclosed in a distinctive oval shape.
8:30 PMThe Best of The Joy of Painting 
Bob Ross paints a low glowing sun behind layers of thick, succulent foliage, and ground cover.

How to Watch WQEC Create

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