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Live TV schedule for WLFL HDTV in the Raleigh

This is the WLFL HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Raleigh. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 PMMaury 
Darianne squares off with her boyfriend Donnie's cousin, who has questioned her devotion to her man. Plus, Breana and her boyfriend Dylan are here to prove that her ex-boyfriend, Tyler, is the father to her daughter. Later, Brittany hopes to prove that her husband is the father of her child.
5:00 PMblack-ish 
Dre throws Bow's baby shower, but his plans are put on hold when Bow stops by the OB/GYN with a headache and discovers she is having complications in the Season 3 finale.
5:30 PMblack-ish 
Dre's sister's nontraditional wedding leads Dre to learn that Bow opposes taking a man's last name; the twins worry they're too old to be the ring bearer and flower girl; and Junior and Zoey help Ruby accept her daughter's relationship.
6:00 PMThe Goldbergs 
Barry is thrilled that he gets to celebrate Christmas now that he is engaged to Lainey. Meanwhile, Murray's brother Marvin makes a promise to Adam with a surprising outcome.
6:30 PMModern Family 
In the Season 9 finale, Mitchell sneaks out to "Hero-Con" with fanboy Phil, dressed as their favorite characters from the show "Clash of Swords."
7:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory 
Sheldon tells a lie to appease Penny and Leonard, who aren't speaking to each other, but then he gets caught.
7:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory 
Leonard and Wolowitz learn Sheldon went behind their backs and is working with the military; and Bernadette, who's on bed rest, asks Raj to do some digging when she suspects Ruchi is trying to steal her job.
8:00 PM    new  
9:01 PMPenn & Teller: Fool Us 
Aspiring magicians perform their best trick to try and fool Penn & Teller, who will get to see the trick only once and have to immediately try to work it out.
10:00 PMABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22    new  
Local news, sports and weather.
10:35 PM    new  
11:05 PMLast Man Standing 
Vanessa arranges a date for Eve, unaware that Eve may already be involved with someone else. Meanwhile, Mike and Chuck believe that Chuck's son is the mystery man in Eve's life.
11:35 PMLast Man Standing 
In the Season 4 finale, Ryan reunites with his ill father on a hunting trip, but then his dad reveals he's been dishonest; Vanessa desperately tries to get more relatives to come to Kristin and Ryan's wedding.
12:35 AMModern Family 
The Season 10 premiere: The family comes together at the annual Fourth of July parade where Jay will be acting as the grand marshal.
1:05 AMDailyMailTV    new  
1:35 AM2 Broke Girls 
Once-wealthy Caroline takes a waitressing job at a Brooklyn diner, much to the dismay of veteran waitress Max, in the opener of this series about odd-couple roommates.
2:05 AMSeinfeld 
Jerry runs afoul of a doorman; Kramer invents a bra for men. Larry Miller, Jerry Stiller.
2:35 AMThe King of Queens 
Conclusion. Doug and Carrie get lost in the woods while on a weekend trip. Back at home, Danny and Spence baby-sit Arthur.
3:05 AM 
3:35 AMImpractical Jokers 
The guys compete against one another as salesman. Later, the loser is forced to play dress up for a crowd.
4:05 AMDailyMailTV    new  
4:35 AM    new  

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