WGHP Antenna TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WGHP Antenna TV in the Raleigh

This is the WGHP Antenna TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Raleigh. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMI Dream of Jeannie 
Tony's cousin makes him a chili tycoon. Gabriel Dell, Vinton Hayworth, Hayden Rorke, Emmaline Henry, Bill Daily.
1:30 PMI Dream of Jeannie 
Tony finds an odd green bottle and out pops Jeannie. Karen Sharpe, Bill Daily, Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden.
2:00 PMBewitched 
A tooth fairy tries to turn in her wings. Imogene Coca, Dick Sargent, David White.
2:30 PMBewitched 
A tooth fairy may topple Darrin's campaign. Imogene Coca, Herb Voland, Sandra Gould, Dick Sargent.
3:00 PMThe Facts of Life 
An alumna interviews the gang for a book on Eastland women. Judith Cassmore, Charlotte Rae, Kim Fields, Nancy McKeon.
3:30 PMThe Facts of Life 
Part 1 of three. The girls find Edna's Edibles gutted by fire. Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mindy Cohn, Charlotte Rae.
4:00 PMDiff'rent Strokes 
When Drummond is threatened, amazonian Mrs. Z's assigned as a bodyguard. Sheron Chambers, John Brandon.
4:30 PMDiff'rent Strokes 
Kimberly tries to get women into a men's club. Scott Strader, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges.
5:00 PMGimme a Break! 
Grandpa is moved to the Kaniskis'. John Hoyt, Dolph Sweet, Joey Lawrence.
5:30 PMGimme a Break! 
Nell plans a family Christmas for Joey. Joey Lawrence, John Hoyt, Nell Carter.
6:00 PMBarney Miller 
A prisoner goes on a hunger strike. Nora Meerbaum, Larry Gelman, Stanley Kamel.
6:30 PMBarney Miller 
Luger's chagrined by his mail-order bride. Carina Afable, Andrew Bloch, Alan Oppenheimer.
7:00 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
Murray fears his manipulative ex-wife. Carol Rossen, Martin Balsam, Carroll O'Connor.
7:30 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
Archie is signed up to lead Stephanie's girls' club on a camping trip. Barbara Meek, Joyce Cohen.
8:00 PMAlice 
Part 1 of two. Alice's mother-in-law visits. Eileen Heckart, Clyde Kusatsu, Linda Lavin, Polly Holliday.
8:30 PMAlice 
Conclusion. Alice's mother-in-law plans to stay in Phoenix. Eileen Heckart, Murray Hamilton, Polly Holliday.
9:00 PMThree's Company 
Janet tries to help Furley's nephew gain confidence with women. Brian Robbins, Julie Piekarski, Joyce DeWitt.
9:30 PMThree's Company 
The girls find Jack "working late" with another woman. Ilene Graff, Jordan Charney, Kay Freeman, John Ritter.
10:00 PMJohnny Carson 
Suzanne Pleshette; Dick Cavett.
11:00 PMCoach 
Part 1. Mary Hart interviews Hayden. Included: clips from the first six seasons. Craig T. Nelson, Shelley Fabares, Jerry Van Dyke.
11:30 PMCoach 
Conclusion. Mary Hart wraps up her interview with Hayden. Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke.
12:00 AMNewsRadio 
Dave and Lisa vie for the same apartment, prompting Jimmy to give the decision to other staffers. Unfortunately, Max decides he also wants it. Meanwhile, Joe and Beth spice up the station's website. Landlady: Alaina Reed Hall. Dave: Dave Foley.
12:30 AMNewsRadio 
Matthew celebrates his birthday by acting like a teen.
1:00 AMBecker 
Becker's apartment is burglarized. Saverio Guerra, Ted Danson, Terry Farrell, Alex Desert, Ashley Gardner.

How to Watch WGHP Antenna TV

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