WTNC GetTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTNC GetTV in the Raleigh

This is the WTNC GetTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Raleigh. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

3:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
A Cherokee auto-racing team is sabotaged; Trent seeks a missing girl. Jimmy Wlcek, Michael Greyeyes, Michael Horse.
4:00 PMRescue 911 
The work of first responders.
4:30 PMRescue 911 
The work of first responders.
5:00 PMRescue 911 
The work of first responders.
5:30 PMRescue 911 
The work of first responders.
6:00 PMHot in Cleveland 
Melanie and Jack spice up their relationship; Victoria promotes a new vodka brand; Joy's new hairstyle backfires upon meeting Owen's office crush. Meanwhile, Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair.
6:30 PMHot in Cleveland 
Joy is roped into convincing Jenna to attend medical school; Victoria fixates on an upcoming scene; and Elka offers guidance to Lance.
7:00 PMHot in Cleveland 
Melanie feels smothered by Jack, so she asks Frankie to help her break up with him. Meanwhile, Victoria's dad comes to town with a surprise announcement and also tries to woo Elka.
7:30 PMHot in Cleveland 
Joy's younger sister visits; Victoria writes a children's book with help from Melanie; Elka and Mamie Sue roll out the red carpet for British royalty.
8:00 PMAll in the Family 
Aunt Iola's visit could become permanent. Nedra Volz, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner.
8:30 PMAll in the Family 
The neighborhood butcher falls for Edith. Theodore Bikel, Jason Wingreen, Allan Melvin.
9:00 PMAll in the Family 
Archie and Mike are locked in a storeroom at the saloon. Carroll O'Connor, Rob Reiner.
9:30 PMAll in the Family 
Mike and Gloria take a second honeymoon. Judy Kahan, Terry Kiser, Rob Reiner.
10:00 PMSanford and Son 
Esther and Woody adopt, but are disappointed with their new son.
10:30 PMSanford and Son 
Fred's brother-in-law plans to upstage Fred on “The Gong Show.” Chuck Barris.
11:00 PMSanford and Son 
Fred competes in a Redd Foxx look-alike contest. Jack Carter, Dave Turner, Fritzi Burr, Demond Wilson.
11:30 PMSanford and Son 
Grady can not get a pair of handcuffs off of Fred and Esther after his attempt to perform magic goes awry.
12:00 AMThe Soul & Spirit of Christmas 
GetTV original production starring CeCe Winans, BeBe Winans, Anthony Hamilton and The HamilTones.
1:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Metal band Anthrax and Edd "Kookie" Byrnes guest star as Bud and Kelly trick their parents out of the house to host a party.
1:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Al and Jefferson as phony psychics, who anger a real seer (Candice Azzara) when they try to invade her territory.
2:00 AMMarried...With Children 
High IQs invite Kelly to a party; assembly instructions challenge Al and Jefferson. Christina Applegate.
2:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Bud's teacher comes on to him, prompting a student to jump on the Bud bandwagon. Linda Gibboney, Charlotte Ross, David Faustino.
3:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Kelly gets a job at "TV World" theme park. Louis Mustillo, Christina Applegate.
3:30 AMMarried...With Children 
Al must work in a gas station to pay the family's junk-food bill. Phil Buckman, Ed O'Neill.

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