WITN Start TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WITN Start TV in the Raleigh

This is the WITN Start TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Raleigh. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:00 PMGhost Whisperer 
A psychology professor has a near-death experience in the Season 4 opener that gives him the ability to hear ghosts but not see them.
11:00 PMThe Good Wife 
Diane is forced to argue a heated case between pro-choice and pro-life advocates in order to retain an important client. Meanwhile, Alicia and Lucca, desperate for new business, try to poach clients from Louis Canning.
12:00 AMIn Plain Sight 
Mary keeps an eye on a teen witness whose separated parents are too distracted by their own issues to pay attention to their daughter. Elsewhere, Marshall thinks a witness may have betrayed his brother; and Brandi tends to Scott after he's attacked.
1:00 AMUnforgettable 
An assassin poisons Carrie and the dose makes her unable to utilize her perfect memory as Season 3 ends.
2:00 AMProfiler 
Rachel tracks a serial kidnapper. Harry Groener, Judith Moreland, Erin Gray.
3:00 AMThe Division 
Conclusion. The detectives search for Raina, who is being held by a serial abductor who wants to exchange Raina for a murder suspect.
4:00 AMFamily Law 
A single mom fights for custody of her daughter after being accused of killing her infant son; Randi represents a dog mascot who was fired.
5:00 AMSue Thomas: F.B.Eye 
A holiday visit from Sue's parents is bittersweet, thanks to her overbearing mother. Kate Trotter, Yannick Bisson, Enuka Okuma.
6:00 AMDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
Jake and Preston campaign for mayor; Sully elects to rescue an Indian held captive by the Army. Joe Lando, Jim Knobeloch.
7:00 AMDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
An ailing miner turns out to be Jake's father. Ray Walston, Jim Knobeloch, Frank Collison.
8:00 AMTouched by an Angel 
The angels help reveal the truth to four persons who've been at odds for years. Piper Laurie, Bonnie Bartlett, Matt Clark, Roma Downey.
9:00 AMTouched by an Angel 
Monica recalls her encounter with Mark Twain as she comforts a young man at Christmas. John Cullum, Randy Travis.
10:00 AMAny Day Now 
Colliar's disappearance causes M.E. distress and triggers flashbacks to anxieties in her youth over JFK's assassination. Annie Potts.

How to Watch WITN Start TV

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