WPXR TrueReal TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WPXR TrueReal in the Roanoke

This is the WPXR TrueReal TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Roanoke. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

10:00 PMIntervention 
A college student who is a compulsive gambler; and a model addicted to crystal meth.
11:00 PMIntervention 
Drug addiction is the topic.
12:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Billy Ray Cyrus.
1:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
In this episode, exploring the hauntings experienced by actor Greg Grunberg.
2:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Tatum O'Neal revisits a Brooklyn townhouse where she had a life-changing paranormal experience.
3:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Actor Richard Burgi revisits his childhood home in New Jersey where he encountered the paranormal.
4:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Kendra Wilkinson of "The Girls Next Door" fame cannot wait to find out what or who led to the paranormal encounters that happened at her Pasadena home.
5:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Actress Jordan Ladd returns to an old mansion in New Jersey where she once encountered a ghost that was watching her sleep. With psychic medium Kim Russo by her side, they confront the troubled spirit who has a clear message for Jordan.
6:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Actress Illeana Douglas tries to get answers about the paranormal encounters she experienced at the New York City apartment that she resided in earlier. Helping her figure out the mystery is psychic medium Kim Russo.
7:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir visits an ominous brick building in Pennsylvania that has frightened him since his childhood.
8:00 AMThe Haunting Of... 
Actress Diane Farr fears a ghost is causing unexplained havoc in her California home. Kim Russo investigates and discovers the truth is far more unimaginable than either of them could have thought.
9:00 AMEscaping Polygamy 
Part 1 of 2. The women help the daughter of an FLDS prophet escape from a remote South Dakota compound.
10:00 AMEscaping Polygamy 
Conclusion. A snowstorm inhibits the team's efforts and the women fear they've been spotted while trying to help the daughter of an FLDS prophet escape from a remote South Dakota compound.

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