WMLW-LD TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WMLW-LD in the Rockford Area

This is the WMLW-LD TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Rockford Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:30 PMMike & Molly 
Victoria freaks out when her 30th birthday nears, and Mike and Molly are tangled up in her crisis.
6:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory 
Sheldon is agog over the chance to meet Stephen Hawking, who is working on a project with Howard.
7:00 PMDateline 
A recent high-school graduate is miraculously found alive after she and her friend are brutally attacked just outside of Corpus Christi.
8:00 PMDateline 
Detectives uncover a clue in the cold case of the disappearance of Tara Ord.
10:00 PMChicago P.D. 
The team investigates the death of a witness in a rape-and-murder case; Stone offers Antonio a job in the state attorney's office; and Burgess and Sorensen's body cameras record a bizarre exchange with a man that they pull over.
11:00 PM2 Broke Girls 
Max and Caroline try to find their horse Chestnut a job so he will have lodging for the winter. Meanwhile, Peach auditions for "Real Wives of TriBeCa."
11:30 PM2 Broke Girls 
Caroline falls in with the wrong crowd when she tries to make new friends, after Max reconnects with an old friend.
12:00 AMModern Family 
A conversation over brunch at Jay and Gloria's turns to a house that Phil is helping to sell, but mayhem ensues when everyone decides to sneak in for fun on the same day. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria plan a surprise getaway to Miami for whole family.
12:30 AMModern Family 
A group therapy session with the author of a book about uncluttering one's emotional life draws different reactions from the Pritchetts, including Jay, who wants no part of it, while Mitch and Cam try to appear stable by not digging too deep.
1:00 AMMom 
Christy and Bonnie rent a house with a most interesting past; Bonnie plays mediator for a clashing Christy and Alvin (Kevin Pollak).
1:30 AMThe Game 
Derwin misses a basic block during a game, causing a season-ending injury to the quarterback. Conversely, it's Malik who then shines on the field. Elsewhere, infertility and surrogate issues plague Melanie.
2:00 AMThe Game 
Chardonnay meets Jason's friends; Derwin faces the reality of Kwan's season-ending injury.
2:30 AMThe Real 
Finesse Mitchell is featured. Dating advice is given from the male's point of view.
3:30 AMForensic Files 
A 10-year-old missing-persons case is revived.
4:00 AMIntervention 
Abbie escalated into a full blown alcoholic after years of physical and mental abuse from her boyfriend. Her parents raise her daughter while Abbie lives nearby with a new boyfriend who enables her addiction.
5:00 AMForensic Files 
Cases involving missing women are linked to one suspect via DNA profiling and the efforts of a forensic artist.
5:30 AMPawn Stars 
A meteorite; two first-edition copies of "A Christmas Carol."

How to Watch WMLW-LD

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