WKOW Decades TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WKOW Decades in the Rockford Area

This is the WKOW Decades TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Rockford Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMLove, American Style 
Vivian Vance as a scheming psychic with George Gobel on her mind; Jim Backus and his business partner see a marriage counselor. Bernie Kopell.
1:30 PMLove, American Style 
A woman stills calls her ex (John Fillmore), as does her new husband; Larry Storch as a practical joker in love. Carl Betz, E.J. Peaker.
2:00 PMLove, American Style 
Peter Kastner as a country boy looking for a date. Pamela Austin, Dwayne Hickman, William Bramley.
2:30 PMLove, American Style 
Lovers contemplate suicide. Jo Anne Worley, Hal Buckley, David Ketchum.
3:00 PMLove, American Style 
Frank Sutton and Ruth Buzzi visit a scary cabin; a story about a lady athlete with questionable chromosomes. Marty Allen, Pamela Curran.
3:30 PMLove, American Style 
Tales of love triangles with Larry Hagman, Anne Francis, Jerry Paris and William Windom.
4:00 PMLove, American Style 
Barry Gordon in a story about a teen and a waitress. Also: the old "you-should-be-a-model" routine. Karen Jensen, Melodie Johnson.
4:30 PMLove, American Style 
Love by mail with Sonny and Cher. Also: John McGiver in a story about a trip on grass. Ann B. Davis, Vickery Turner.
5:00 PMLove, American Style 
Jeannine Riley's the prize in a TV dating show; teenagers try to check into a motel. Angus Duncan, Vince Cannon.
5:30 PMLove, American Style 
Tony Randall is victimized by a clothes thief. Holly: Julie Newmar.
6:00 PMLove, American Style 
Parents plan to separate. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. Also: a story about a wig. Mimi Hines, Phil Ford, Lindsay Workman.
6:30 PMLove, American Style 
Tiny Tim as a ghoulish host to Judy Carne and Robert Reed. Also: Tina Louise as a too-understanding wife. Les Crane.
7:00 PMLove, American Style 
Gary Collins wants to remove a tattoo of a woman's name. Pamela Rodgers, Stefanie Powers.
7:30 PMLove, American Style 
Cesar Romero and George Lindsey duel over Tina Louise; and James Brolin as an office swinger. Henry: Henry Gibson.
8:00 PMLove, American Style 
Joan Blondell in a story about a lovesick sailor (Peter Kastner); a test of manhood with Tom Nardini, Brenda Benet and Jay Silverheels.
8:30 PMLove, American Style 
Bit about alibis and motels with Desi Arnaz Jr., James Stacy, Shari Lewis and Heather Menzies.
9:00 PMLove, American Style 
Richard Dawson's voice is featured in a cartoon about a fumbling private eye who's a master of disguises. Other voices include Cynthia Adler.
9:30 PMLove, American Style 
A cartoon about an old-fashioned father and his teenage daughter.
10:00 PMLove, American Style 
Stiller and Meara in a prison's conjugal-visit experiment; and how a burglar can brighten a class reunion. Jack Mullaney, Roger Perry.
10:30 PMLove, American Style 
Peter Marshall's talent-show host is plagued by contestants on his wedding night; a wife is haunted by a romantic ghost. Barbara Rhoades.
11:00 PMLove, American Style 
Ben Murphy in a tale about deception through the mail. Also: a bride thinks a dog is her first husband reincarnated. Charles Nelson Reilly.
11:30 PMLove, American Style 
Jack Carter in a tale about a gift cemetery plot; a bride is bitten by the gambling bug. Catherine Burns.
12:30 AMLove, American Style 
Michele Lee as a girl from Venus.. Also: Ruth Buzzi in a tale about a missing husband. Kenneth Mars, Paul Smith.
1:00 AMLove, American Style 
A playwright tests his plots on his wife. Roger Bowen, Dick Sargent, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Van Patten.

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