WITI Antenna TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WITI Antenna TV in the Rockford Area

This is the WITI Antenna TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Rockford Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 AMThe Hogan Family 
The lure of a slumber party next-door is too strong for Willie and Mark (Danny Ponce, Jeremy Licht), who decide to sneak a peek. Valerie: Valerie Harper. Annie: Judith Kahan. Rebecca: Paula Hoffman.
2:30 AMThe Hogan Family 
TV has convinced Willie (Danny Ponce) that there's a happy ending for everything---even a hit-and-run accident during a joy ride in his father's car. Valerie: Valerie Harper. Max: Jadrien Steele. Mark: Jeremy Licht.
3:00 AMBenson 
A sheik falls for Kraus. Luis Avalos, Inga Swenson, Ethan Phillips.
3:30 AMBenson 
Benson wins the state's first lottery. Victoria Carroll, Joaquin Martinez, Dennis Robertson.
4:00 AMThree's Company 
Jack and Chrissy think Helen's having an affair. Audra Lindley, John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Art Kassul.
4:30 AMThree's Company 
Janet finds her sister in bed with Jack. Devon Ericson, Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter, Norman Fell, Suzanne Somers.
5:00 AMThe George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
Harry thinks that George is using another real-estate agent. Larry Keating, Harry Von Zell, Bea Benaderet, George Burns, Gracie Allen.
5:30 AMThe George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
Blanche buys a mink stole. Bea Benaderet, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Larry Keating, Harry Von Zell.
6:00 AMThe Joey Bishop Show 
Joey and guest star Jan Murray stage a boxing match for the boys' club. Joey Bishop. Toni: Barbara Stuart. Boxer: Joey Giambra. Ellie: Abby Dalton. Larry: Corbett Monica. Jillson: Joe Besser.
6:30 AMThe Joey Bishop Show 
Joey goes all out to please Hilda, thinking her TV set is attached to a ratings device. Joey Bishop. Hilda: Mary Treen. Ellie: Abby Dalton. Larry: Corbett Monica.
7:00 AMMcHale's Navy 
Christy gets static when he tries to radio home. Gary Vinson, Tim Conway, Joe Flynn.
7:30 AMMcHale's Navy 
Binghamton claims the PT-73 is jinxed. Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine.
8:00 AMFather Knows Best 
Feeling her life has no significance, Betty leaves home. Elinor Donahue, Yvonne Lime, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt.
8:30 AMFather Knows Best 
Kathy trades her doll for a friend's baby sister. Lauren Chapin, Reba Waters, Jim Bates, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt.
9:00 AMDennis the Menace 
Two things annoy Mr. Wilson: Dennis (Jay North) and starlings. Mr. Wilson: Joseph Kearns. Henry: Herbert Anderson. Alice: Gloria Henry. Mrs. Wilson: Sylvia Field.
9:30 AMDennis the Menace 
The new neighbors get a dose of Dennis (Jay North). Catherine: June Dayton. Ed: Arthur Hanson. Tommy: Billy Booth. Henry: Herbert Anderson. Alice: Gloria Henry.
10:00 AMHazel 
Hazel enrolls in a figure-control course. Ann Jillian, Lee Ann Meriwether, Ray Fulmer, Shirley Booth.
10:30 AMHazel 
Hazel puts the Baxter home up for sale. Oliver McGowan, Ray Fulmer, Shirley Booth.
11:00 AMThe Partridge Family 
A burglar takes the family hostage. Arte Johnson, Nelson D. Cuevas, Shirley Jones.
11:30 AMThe Partridge Family 
Laurie may take a pal's rap for stealing an exam. Tanis Montgomery, Dana Elcar, Noah Keen, Danny Bonaduce, Susan Dey.
12:00 PMI Dream of Jeannie 
Jeannie's beauty cream turns Mrs. Bellows into a comely teen. Laraine Stephens, Harold Gould, Emmaline Henry.
12:30 PMI Dream of Jeannie 
Mrs. Bellows crashes Tony's bachelor party. Vinton Hayworth, Hayden Rorke, Bill Daily, Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden.
1:00 PMBewitched 
Endora may turn Larry into a teddy bear. David White, Jack Collins, Henry Hunter.
1:30 PMBewitched 
Darrin's new statue makes people honest. Charles Lane, Elisabeth Fraser, David White, Elizabeth Montgomery.
2:00 PMWelcome Back, Kotter 
Barbarino blames himself for a teacher's death. John Travolta, Norman Alden, John Sylvester White.

How to Watch WITI Antenna TV

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