WIFR Cozi TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WIFR Cozi in the Rockford Area

This is the WIFR Cozi TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Rockford Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:00 AMMy Favorite Martian 
A lightning storm plays havoc with Martin's powers.
6:30 AMMy Favorite Martian 
Martin fears he's being aged too rapidly by Earth's gravity.
7:00 AMEarth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 
7:30 AMEarth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 
Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer leads us on an adventure through the incredible wildlife of Japan. We'll jump in the water to explore what creatures live down deep - and what they eat. Plus, we'll discover what makes the swan migration over Japan so special.
8:00 AMConsumer 101 
You love your trusty family car, so show it some TLC and give the inside a thorough cleaning with these expert tips. Then, host Jack Rico seeks some relief from the heat in the Consumer Reports air conditioner lab and learns how they test ACs in search of the best one for every home. And, with the help of a high school marching band, we get a fascinating a look at what happens to sound in an "anechoic chamber," a room with no echo.
8:30 AMA New Leaf 
In the series premiere, college student Nadia needs to choreograph a dance audition for her next big step: graduate school. She wants to dedicate the dance to her mom and incorporate her African American ancestry, but they need help with the details. Once they unlock the truth about her mom's paternal side, Nadia is able to hear from her ancestors...in their own words.
9:00 AMVets Saving Pets 
9:30 AMThe Champion Within 
Get to know U.S. distance runner Craig Engels; see 49ers tight end George Kittle's big personality and how it helps him in big moments; see how golf can change a life with Oklahoma's Brad Dalke; and meet Jesselyn Silva, one of boxing's next big things.
10:00 AMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. The staffers reflect on beach competitions. Meanwhile, a corporate job opens, sparking competition at Dunder-Mifflin as Michael, Jim and Karen journey to New York for interviews. Back in Scranton, Dwight wields his newfound power.
10:30 AMThe Office 
Conclusion. Competition over a corporate job continues.
11:00 AMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. Michael believes the office might be cursed in the wake of a freak accident. He scrutinizes each of his staffers' religious beliefs, then organizes a charity 5K "fun run."
12:00 PMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. Ryan returns to Scranton to push the office into the digital age, much to Michael's chagrin. Elsewhere, catty Angela remains upset about her feline.
12:30 PMThe Office 
Conclusion. Ryan continues to digitize the company.
1:00 PMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. Michael looks forward to a launch party in New York for the company's Web site. Meanwhile, Angela arranges a bash in Scranton, while Dwight gets wrapped up in a real paper chase: He tries to sell more paper than the Web site.
1:30 PMThe Office 
Conclusion. The company launches its Web site as Angela throws a bash in Scranton and Michael anticipates attending a party in New York. Meanwhile, Dwight tries to sell more paper than the Web site.
2:00 PMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. Michael faces a ballooning debt as Jim and Pam check in to the Schrute family farm, which has been converted into a bed-and-breakfast. Elsewhere, Jan revamps the condo.
2:30 PMThe Office 
Conclusion. Michael faces his financial woes.
3:00 PMThe Office 
The office is tapped to appear in an ad, a perfect scenario for entertainer wannabe Michael, who sees a chance to display his creative talent. Meanwhile, Dwight delves into an Internet-based virtual world.
3:30 PMThe Office 
Karen tries to persuade Stanley to relocate, prompting Michael to go on the offensive and recruit Jim in his battle. Elsewhere, a Finer Things Club riles the employees.
4:00 PMThe Office 
Ryan organizes a woodsy corporate retreat, but excludes Michael, who in turn goes on his own survival adventure. Meanwhile, Jim tries to put a new spin on office birthday parties.
4:30 PMThe Office 
Jan sues the company, and Michael's summoned as a witness; Darryl and Jim face off in table tennis, with Kelly talking trash.
5:00 PMThe Office 
Jan and Michael host a dinner party. Attendees include Jim and Pam, who can't think of an excuse, and Andy and Angela, a pairing that sends Dwight's jealousy soaring to new heights.
5:30 PMThe Office 
Michael grows obsessed with a model in an office-supply catalog; some staffers try to reclaim their appropriated parking spaces, resulting in a territorial war in the office park.
6:00 PMThe Munsters 
Lily and Herman secretly try to earn money for gifts for their anniversary. Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Yvonne DeCarlo.

How to Watch WIFR Cozi

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