WIFS Court TV Mystery TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WIFS Court TV Mystery in the Rockford Area

This is the WIFS Court TV Mystery TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Rockford Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 AMCSI: Miami 
A killer spikes a lawyer's drink with liquid radiation that slowly kills her. Karen Sillas, Adam Baldwin, Eddie Jemison.
10:00 AMCSI: Miami 
Horatio's unsure about his testimony in a murder trial when a second corpse is discovered that suggests a serial killer is at work. Emily Procter, Khandi Alexander, David Caruso.
11:00 AMCSI: Miami 
Thieves hijack a police truck filled with drugs and Internal Affairs believes CSI tipped them off. Don McManus, Sofia Milos.
12:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A woman is murdered poolside at a ritzy hotel in what appears to be a professional hit. Also, Calleigh confronts her alcoholic dad.
1:00 PMCSI: Miami 
Horatio searches for a parolee's missing son, who suddenly disappears; Speedle falls for a model who is connected to a murder.
2:00 PMCSI: Miami 
Two college students are murdered while on spring break in Miami. Sean Maher, Michelle Morgan, Adam Kaufman, Lauren Stamile.
3:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A nightclub fire kills 16 people and arson is suspected. Also: a prostitute is found dead in a judge's home. William Lee Scott.
4:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A dead man bound with duct tape is found in a rundown barn, which explodes soon after Horatio arrives on the scene.
5:00 PMCSI: Miami 
Three convicts escape from a Miami prison via helicopter and terrorize the city. Emily Procter, David Caruso.
6:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A model is intentionally run down, outside of a Miami hotel, by a driver who flees the scene. Heidi Klum, Chad Lowe.
7:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A man is shot with a speargun and his body is left pinned to a wall in his cabin cruiser. Sofia Milos, Adam Rodriguez.
8:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A woman is lured to a condo and beaten with a piece of lumber, and the investigation leads Horatio to a Georgia prison.
9:00 PMCSI: Miami 
A teenage tennis phenom is kidnapped from her bedroom. Jeff Corwin appears as himself. Virginia Madsen.

How to Watch WIFS Court TV Mystery

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