KKPM Defy TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KKPM Defy TV in the Sacrmnto

This is the KKPM Defy TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Sacrmnto. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:30 AMBilly the Exterminator 
Billy tackles a cockroach infestation; and captures loose snakes at a bait shop.
9:00 AMBilly the Exterminator 
Billy handles a rat problem at a fencing school; and removes yellow jackets from a girl's bedroom.
9:30 AMBilly the Exterminator 
Billy removes pests from a children's maze; and finds a dangerous lizard living on a boat.
10:00 AMSwamp People 
A 30-day alligator-hunting cycle opens in Season 3's first episode. Troy reunites with partner Clint; Liz Cavalier helms her own boat; R.J. Molinere has a new secret weapon and sets out to prove he's king of the swamp.
11:00 AMSwamp People 
Gator fever hits a peak in Southern Louisiana, so Troy directs his special boat to a hot spot, but he soon faces an unforeseen obstacle. Meanwhile, Junior Edwards and his son pursue a cagey beast; Liz and Kristie hit the canals.
12:00 PMSwamp People 
Troy and Junior put into motion identical strategies; Joe LaFont suffers an injury; two newbies try to earn their gator stripes.
1:00 PMSwamp People 
Tommy goes solo for the first time in the wake of his father's injury; Bruce heads to a remote but malodorous bog; Liz and Kristi take a big risk; and two rookies pursue a particular gator.
2:00 PMSwamp People 
Troy faces off against a behemoth gator that's been feeding perilously close to his home; R.J. and his son take part in a tribal ceremony to prepare for gator battle; Liz and Kristi encounter a brazen gator; and the Guist brothers search for lumber.
3:00 PMSwamp People 
A location ominously known as the Hive tests R.J. and Jay Paul; Jacob targets a monster gator's offspring; Junior tries to keep his sons focused; Glenn and Mitchell go hunting on the Conway Bayou.
4:00 PMSwamp People 
An impending storm heightens the hunters' sense of urgency; Joe returns from his back injury; Troy runs a two-boat operation; and Liz pairs up with Kristi for a two-pronged strategy.
5:00 PMSwamp People 
A tropical storm puts alligator season in jeopardy; Troy faces the task of filling 300 tags while shorthanded; and Bruce braves rising water levels with his shooter Ron.
6:00 PMSwamp People 
The hunters are forced to adjust their plans in the aftermath of a tropical storm; R.J. and Jay Paul search for gators inland; Junior and Malcolm explore an area that's normally inaccessible; and Glenn and Mitchell hunt for dinner in the swamp.
7:00 PMSwamp People 
Troy and Clint venture into a treacherous section of swamp; Joe and Tommy explore a drainage ditch that's been inaccessible for years; and Willie and Randy are given a gator quota to fill. Also: R.J.'s 50th birthday is celebrated.
8:00 PMSwamp People 
Troy hunts a gator that has eluded him for years; Glenn and Mitchell help a friend move his houseboat; and Liz has trouble taking down an enormous alligator.

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