KMPLDT The Cowboy Channel TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KMPLDT The Cowboy Channel in the Shreveport Area

This is the KMPLDT The Cowboy Channel TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Shreveport Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:00 PMNFR Round 10 Archives 
1:30 AMCinch NHSRA Rodeo 
Part 1. Coverage of the 2013 National High School Finals Rodeo from Rock Springs, Wyoming.
2:00 AMThe American Rancher 
Braunvieh genetics complement English, Continental, and Brahman cattle.
2:30 AMRed Steagall Is Somewhere West of Wall Street 
The story of the gene pool and cattle breeds of one of America's most successful ranches.
3:00 AMChris Cox Horsemanship 
Team Roping Heeler Ben Gambrell stops by.
3:30 AMRide Smart With Craig Cameron 
Create meaningful trust and increased maneuverability with your horse by putting these tips into practice.
4:00 AMThe Roy Rogers Show 
Roy tries to help a boy gain his father's respect.
4:30 AMThe Lone Ranger 
Outlaws try to escape across the border. Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels.
5:00 AMGentle Giants 
Horse Progress Days.
5:30 AMCinch NHSRA Rodeo 
6:00 AMJentezen Franklin    new  
6:30 AMTurning Point With Dr. David Jeremiah    new  
7:00 AMThe American Rancher 
Cattle genetic services company and their primary operations.
7:30 AMRed Steagall Is Somewhere West of Wall Street 
Located in Lubbock, Texas, this is an unbelievable collection of tractors and all other types of farm machinery.
8:00 AMChris Cox Horsemanship 
Barbara Cox's horse gets treated for hot-shoeing problems.
8:30 AMRide Smart With Craig Cameron 
Simple manuevers to create a handier horse on the trails and in the arena are spotlighted.
9:00 AMThe Roy Rogers Show 
Roy is implicated in a bank robbery. Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Pat Brady.
9:30 AMThe Lone Ranger 
Somebody's supplying rifles to Indians. Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels.
10:00 AMWomen's Pro Rodeo 
WPRA in Ellensburg, Wash., featuring barrel competition, pro tips and superstar profiles.
10:30 AMNRHA Inside Reining 
Rookie Day from the VRHA March Into Spring Show is presented.
11:00 AMYour Health    new  
The Becker's bring a practical approach to health education through timely topics, renowned guests, and healthy cooking with easy to make, economical dishes.

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