KDLT Antenna TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KDLT Antenna in the Sioux Falls(Mitchll) Area

This is the KDLT Antenna TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Sioux Falls(Mitchll) Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 AMDiff'rent Strokes 
To get a playground job, Willis claims he knows CPR---but doesn't. Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Conrad Bain.
12:00 PMThe Facts of Life 
Part 1 of two. Spring break in Florida is planned. Michael Damian, Mark Tymchyshyn, Mindy Cohn, Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon.
12:30 PMThe Facts of Life 
Conclusion. Blair falls for a building manager. Mark Tymchyshyn, Michael Damian, Lisa Whelchel, Mindy Cohn, Nancy McKeon.
1:00 PMGimme a Break! 
A female cop plans to sue Carl. Marcia Rodd, Dolph Sweet.
1:30 PMGimme a Break! 
Addy drags Nell to a ski resort. Jason Edwards, Hal Williams, Telma Hopkins.
2:00 PMWebster 
Papa's problem is not his eyes---it's his illiteracy. Jack Kruschen, Alex Karras, Susan Clark, Emmanuel Lewis.
2:30 PMWebster 
Webster's out to prove an old woman isn't a witch. Dion Zamora, Nora Meerbaum, Bonnie Urseth, Emmanuel Lewis.
3:00 PM227 
Mary writes the president about a pothole. And that summons the Secret Service.
3:30 PM227 
Mary gets worried when Sandra starts working at Lester's firm. Jackee Harry, Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams, Alaina Reed.
4:00 PMWhat's Happening Now!! 
Maurice runs for class president, and a beauty becomes his bossy campaign manager. Martin Lawrence, Dayna Winston, Shirley Hemphill.
4:30 PMWhat's Happening Now!! 
Shirley is looking for the right man---but keeps finding the wrong ones. Lisle Wilson, Jason Ross, John Witherspoon.
5:00 PMSilver Spoons 
Rick enters high school, and finds it challenging. Corky Pigeon, Byron Thames, Ricky Schroder.
5:30 PMSilver Spoons 
Edward suggests telling ghost stories on a spooky night. Joel Higgins, Corky Pigeon.
6:00 PMThe Hogan Family 
David penalizes himself after injuring a hockey opponent. Todd Bryant, Michael Griswold, Jason Bateman.
6:30 PMThe Hogan Family 
Willie's girlfriend falls for her tutor Mark. Tammy Lauren, Danny Ponce, Jeremy Licht, Sandy Duncan, Dale Jarosz.
7:00 PMGrowing Pains 
Mike graduates from high school. Sam Anderson, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns.
7:30 PMGrowing Pains 
Ben's scared to ask a girl to a Halloween party. Kenny Morrison, Jamie Abbott, Candace Cameron, Alan Thicke.
8:00 PMWings 
Part 1. Brian and Casey set Helen's house on fire during a moment of heated passion. Amy Yasbeck, Steven Weber.
8:30 PMWings 
Conclusion. Joe hires a lawyer to help him split from Brian; Helen tortures Casey. Steven Weber, Crystal Bernard.
9:00 PMCoach 
Conclusion. The Foxes make a decision about their future. The series finale includes comments by the cast. Craig T. Nelson.
9:30 PMCoach 
Conclusion. The Foxes make a decision about their future. The series finale includes comments by the cast. Craig T. Nelson.
10:00 PMDear John 
John tries not to get attached to the lost dog he found. Mark Arnott, Judd Hirsch, Harry Groener, Isabella Hofmann.
10:30 PMDear John 
John finds an upbeat support group. Lee Wilkof, Miriam Flynn, Kevin Michael Doyle.
11:00 PMMurphy Brown 
A judge wilts---permanently---under Murphy's tough questioning. John Capodice, Candice Bergen.
11:30 PMMurphy Brown 
Linda Ellerbee guest stars.

How to Watch KDLT Antenna

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