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Live TV schedule for KTTM Cozi TV in the Sioux Falls(Mitchll) Area

This is the KTTM Cozi TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Sioux Falls(Mitchll) Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:30 AMMy Favorite Martian 
While Uncle Martin's asleep, his alter ego appears, a lookalike swinger named Ricardo.
7:00 AMEarth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 
A trip to the highest peaks in the world, the Himalayas, reveals everything from the migration of cranes to the daily life of snow leopards.
7:30 AMEarth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 
Dylan Dreyer explores the rivers of the Pantanal, from the hunting techniques of hungry otters to the agility of Pantanal jaguars.
8:00 AMConsumer 101 
Today, we flip over to Simone Biles, whose meteoric rise took the world by storm. Plus, swimmer Katie Ledecky gives us an inside glimpse on life at the top of the podium. Then, we'll hit the hardwood with basketball legend Sue Bird to get insight on her success outside of the WNBA. Plus, we go inside the ropes of the Special Olympics golf program to see how it creates memories, but more importantly, how it creates leaders.
8:30 AMA New Leaf 
9:00 AMVets Saving Pets 
Dr. Debbie James finds herself helping a cat named Micah who's beginning to exhibit signs of paralysis in his hind legs. Dr. James suspects an issue along the spine, which might mean an invasive surgery for the poor feline. Then, after a brave cat named Jerry survives a house fire, his gums suffer from smoke inhalation.
9:30 AMThe Champion Within 
Today we see who was there to take Daniel Suárez under his wing when the driver first arrived in Charlotte from Mexico. Then, we witness surfer Carissa Moore's ride to the first U.S. Olympic surfing squad. Then, we learn how Charlie Capalbo's brother dished him the greatest assist you could ask for. Plus, country music star Justin Moore takes his mind off the music when he's putting on the green.
10:00 AMThe Office 
The staffers scare up a Halloween costume contest. Meanwhile, Darryl gives an idea to corporate himself, passing over a fuming Michael; Pam corners Danny about their dating history.
10:30 AMThe Office 
Jim and Pam's baby is christened, and Michael invites all the staffers to celebrate.
11:00 AMThe Office 
Erin and Gabe host a "Glee" viewing party for the gang at Gabe's house. Meanwhile, the staffers refer to Gabe as Michael's boss, to Michael's deep irritation. And Andy's jealousy over Gabe and Erin's relationship heightens.
11:30 AMThe Office 
Michael tries to attract investors to Ryan's company; Dwight organizes a hay festival in the office parking lot; and a new policy prevents Jim from earning commission.
12:00 PMThe Office 
Michael worries about China's growing power and tries to stop the country from taking over the U.S. Meanwhile, Dwight's building standards irritate the staffers, and Pam threatens to move the branch to a new building.
12:30 PMThe Office 
Part 1 of 2. Holly returns to fill in as the HR rep when Toby takes a leave of absence; Pam is pushed into throwing two holiday parties; Jim and Dwight square off in a snowball fight.
1:00 PMThe Office 
Conclusion. Holly returns to fill in as the HR rep when Toby takes a leave of absence; Pam is pushed into throwing two holiday parties; Jim and Dwight square off in a snowball fight.
1:30 PMThe Office 
Michael anxiously awaits news from Holly about the status of her romance; the staffers share their New Year's resolutions; and Andy, Dwight and Darryl try to woo women on their lunch break.
2:00 PMThe Office 
Andy falls into a sales slump, so he hosts a seminar featuring special guests. But Michael and Holly (Amy Ryan) transform the event into an improv-comedy showcase. Elsewhere, Erin and Gabe compete in a game of Scrabble.
2:30 PMThe Office 
Michael vanishes, setting off a search led by Holly, Erin and Dwight. Elsewhere, Pam's art inspires a captioning challenge, but the office contest agitates Gabe.
3:00 PMThe Office 
Michael's relationship with Holly (Amy Ryan) flowers on Valentine's Day, but their public displays of affection disturb the others; troubles bubble over for Jim and Pam following a champagne lunch; and Gabe sets up a romantic treasure hunt for Erin.
3:30 PMThe Office 
Michael finally presents his action flick, "Threat Level Midnight," to Holly and his staffers, but he might not be prepared for their reviews.
4:00 PMThe Office 
Crass Todd Packer (David Koechner) hopes to land a desk job at the office, a potentially unsettling development for the staffers. Meanwhile, Andy's computer continually freezes up, so he sets out to get a new one. Amy Ryan guest stars.
4:30 PMThe Office 
Michael finally pops the big question to Holly; the branch holds a garage sale in the warehouse.
5:00 PMThe Office 
Michael trains his replacement (Will Ferrell) as the staffers scramble to impress the new manager.
5:30 PMThe Office 
Michael's successor (Will Ferrell) emcees the Dundies, the branch's annual awards soiree. Meanwhile, Erin tries to come to terms with her dislike of her boyfriend, Gabe.
6:00 PMThe Munsters 
Herman is the oddball at a country club. Woodrow Parfrey, Dan Tobin, Fred Gwynne.
6:30 PMThe Munsters 
A man is after Marilyn and her money. Charles Robinson, Richard Hale, Duncan McLeod.

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