KSDK Twist TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KSDK Twist in the St. Louis Area

This is the KSDK Twist TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the St. Louis Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMFor Rent 
A couple want a spacious family-friendly rental in the city.
12:30 PMFor Rent 
A woman looks for an apartment with a big kitchen where she can bake and entertain, but her budget may force her to compromise.
1:00 PMCash & Cari 
A woman wants to sell her collection immediately; and Cari searches for treasures during a blizzard and in a salvage yard. Also: an old window is turned into a stained-glass jewelry display.
1:30 PMCash & Cari 
2:00 PMMy Floating Home 
Families who want to live on the water are followed as they oversee the building of their aquatic dream homes.
2:30 PMMy Floating Home 
Families who want to live on the water are followed as they oversee the building of their aquatic dream homes.
3:00 PMDecked Out 
An old deck is replaced with a three-level space that includes a BBQ area, a bar, dining space, lounge with a sectional sofa, a fire pit and a cedar pergola.
3:30 PMDecked Out 
A deck built 20 years ago has sentimental value to the homeowners, which is why Paul decides not to tear down the original structure, but to improve it with a barbecue space, a lounge overlooking the pool and an enclosed circular dining area.
4:00 PMThe Unsellables    new  
4:30 PMThe Unsellables    new  
5:00 PMClean House 
A former heavy-metal photographer gets organized with Niecy Nash's help.
6:00 PMClean House Comes Clean    new  
The makeovers at the Loesser and Walker homes are discussed.
6:30 PMClean House Comes Clean    new  
The Modesitt house and the Mast home are the focus.
7:00 PMFlipping Out 
Jeff decides he needs to focus more on client satisfaction, customer service and professionalism. Elsewhere, he goes on a business trip with Trace and Sarah, but not before having to address a pet problem.
8:00 PMTabatha's Salon Takeover 
Tabatha works to revamp a Massachusetts salon, but the owner has a tyrannical bent and resists investing in staff education. Worse, her staffers have previously staged a mutiny and another one may be coming if the owner doesn't heed Tabatha's advice.
9:00 PMQueer Eye For The Straight Guy    new  
10:00 PMQueer Eye For The Straight Guy    new  
11:00 PMDr. 90210 
An aspiring TV personality gets liposuction and a nose job; a mom gets a Wonder Woman makeover; Dr. Motykie searches for his first house; Dr. Matlock goes on a blind date.
12:00 AMDance Moms    new  
The Candy Apples feel pressure to secure a spot; Jalen is assigned his first contemporary solo; Cathy battles with Anthony for control of her studio.

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