WRBU TrueReal TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WRBU TrueReal in the St. Louis Area

This is the WRBU TrueReal TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the St. Louis Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 AMStorage Wars 
Units in Gardena, Cal., are found, and a psychic is consulted to "see" inside them before they're opened.
12:00 PMStorage Wars 
A visit to Fullerton, Cal., a college town, with hope of finding university artifacts and textbooks.
12:30 PMStorage Wars 
The buyers go to Las Vegas to attend auctions.
1:00 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Perris, Cal., has the buyers looking for hiking, camping, and skydiving equipment; and a unit filled with power tools is discovered.
1:30 PMStorage Wars 
The buyers hunt for antiques and industrial merchandise, and a possible antique wine rack is found.
2:00 PMStorage Wars 
Orange, Cal., is visited following a rumor that lockers owned by one tenant are up for auction. Also: a buyer finds a vintage magazine.
2:30 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Torrance, Cal., has buyers bidding on a unit that holds a classic Jaguar; and buying a storage locker.
3:00 PMStorage Wars 
Included: a mystery trunk; a unit containing household goods and classic signs; and a box of books from the early 20th century.
3:30 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to California includes stops in Yucaipa and the Newport Consignment store in Costa Mesa.
4:00 PMStorage Wars 
A tour of Encinitas, Cal., has buyers searching for 1970s memorabilia. Included: a medical device is discovered; and a storage unit selling for $5500.
4:30 PMStorage Wars 
Barry takes a friend from Aerosmith on an appraisal. Also: an antique toy.
5:00 PMStorage Wars 
A visit to Whittier, Cal., includes a locker that turns out to be a great investment. Also: antique weapons.
5:30 PMStorage Wars 
Laura fills in for Dan when he becomes ill, and she tries to auction off three lockers. Also: a locker full of electronics; and a movie prop.
6:00 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Santa Ana, Cal., includes a valuable antique; kayaks; and golf clubs.
6:30 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Costa Mesa, Cal., has Dave reuniting with his estranged brother, who shows him a unit filled with rock memorabilia. Also: an old slide projector.
7:00 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Mission Hills, Cal., brings competition from a mysterious bidder. Also: a bid for a drum set.
7:30 PMStorage Wars 
A return to Mission Hills, Cal., includes a locker that has a mysterious hole in the wall; and Dave facing his nemesis bidder.
8:00 PMStorage Wars 
A team of professional buyers seeks gems within repossessed storage units.
8:30 PMStorage Wars 
Huntington Beach, Cal., is toured. Included: Darrell finds a locker; Barry spots military items; and Jarrod and Brandi check out a jewelry box.
9:00 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Santa Ana, Cal., is a profitable for some, but Jarrod and Brandi take a loss.
9:30 PMStorage Wars 
The buyers go to Irvine, Cal., for an auction that becomes chaotic and fuels tempers.
10:00 PMStorage Wars 
The buyers go to Upland, Cal. Included: a furniture locker and a jewelry unit are explored.
10:30 PMStorage Wars 
A trip to Laguna Niguel, Cal., includes depression-era art; Mayan art; and what might be a Wells Fargo stagecoach gun.
11:00 PMLove at First Flight 
Four couples put their trust in one another to the test in Sin City.

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