KBGU GetTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KBGU GetTV in the St. Louis Area

This is the KBGU GetTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the St. Louis Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 PMGuns of Paradise 
Ben and George follow a treasure map with bandits hot on their heels.
3:00 PMHawkeye 
Hawkeye rescues a kidnapped settler, and kills the abductor in the process. Jill Teed, Lee Horsley, Eli Gabay.
4:00 PMBret Maverick 
Maverick wins a girl in a poker game. Lydia Lei, Darleen Carr, Marj Dusay.
5:00 PMBret Maverick 
Maverick wins a stolen horse that's somehow connected to an Indian peace treaty. Holly Palance, Simon Oakland, James Garner.
6:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Alex is forced to release armed robbers, one of whom shot a man. Benjamin Mouton.
7:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Animals die mysteriously. Ken Kercheval, Cali Timmins, Tristan Rogers.
8:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
A vigilante is posing as a Ranger. Kim Myers, Sam Jones, Chuck Norris.
9:00 PMThe Johnny Cash Show 
Stevie Wonder, Bill Monroe, and Ian and Sylvia are spotlighted.
10:00 PMThe Johnny Cash Show 
Guests include Featuring Kris Kristofferson, Mama Cass and Lorne Greene.
11:00 PMMarried...With Children 
The kids hinder Al and Peg's plans to go to a burger joint on its last day of business. Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino.
11:30 PMMarried...With Children 
Part 1 of two. The Bundys vacation where a murderer visits every five years.
12:00 AMMarried...With Children 
Conclusion. Peg is kidnapped by the murderer, spoiling the family's fun. Vic Polizos.
12:30 AMMarried...With Children 
The family thinks Al stole $1 million. Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, David Faustino.
1:00 AMHot in Cleveland 
Joy's younger sister visits; Victoria writes a children's book with help from Melanie; Elka and Mamie Sue roll out the red carpet for British royalty.
1:30 AMHot in Cleveland 
Bob helps Joy's grandson deal with the school bully; Victoria tries to keep up with a younger beau; Melanie decides to reconnect with a woman from her past thanks to inspiration from Elka.
2:00 AM'Til Death 
The Woodcocks move in next door to the Starks, and Eddie predicts the young couple's first fight, which boomerangs back to the Starks.
2:30 AM'Til Death 
Steph and Jeff trade sex for furniture, but the concept doesn't work for Eddie and Joy when it's time to replace their old patio furniture.

How to Watch KBGU GetTV

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