WCTVDT2 TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WCTVDT2 in the Tallahassee

This is the WCTVDT2 TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Tallahassee. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

7:00 PMM*A*S*H 
Part 1 of two. Maj. Charles Winchester arrives. David Ogden Stiers, Raymond Singer, Rick Hurst, Robert Symonds, Alan Alda.
7:30 PMM*A*S*H 
Conclusion. Charles proves a match for the surgeons. David Ogden Stiers, Raymond Singer, Rick Hurst, Robert Symonds.
8:00 PMColumbo 
Columbo suspects an architect of a tycoon's murder. Patrick O'Neal, Janis Paige, Pamela Austin, Forrest Tucker.
9:30 PMCollector's Call    new  
10:00 PMThe Flintstones 
The Grand Poobah devises a plan to get members out of town to attend a convention in Frantic City, but Wilma's talking bird, a gift from Fred, gets wind of things and blabs what it knows to her.
10:30 PMThe Honeymooners 
Ralph and Norton get handcuffed together aboard a train to the lodge's convention in Minneapolis. Conductor: Humphrey Davis.
11:00 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
A racketeer pressures Rob into writing a night-club act for his nephew.
11:30 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
Rob and Jerry share command of a boat. Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Paris.
12:00 AMThe Twilight Zone 
A traveler (Geoffrey Horne) causes turmoil in a Mexican village. Paul Mazursky, Edmund Vargas, Nico Minardos. Host: Rod Serling.
12:30 AMThe Twilight Zone 
A ventriloquist (Cliff Robertson) thinks his dummy is alive, and evil. Frank Sutton, John Harmon, Sandra Warner, Ralph Manza.
1:00 AMAlfred Hitchcock Presents 
Two sisters plan a poisonous tea party for their banker. Dorothy Stickney, Carmen Mathews, Ray Collins.
1:30 AMAlfred Hitchcock Presents 
A businessman and his wealthy client engage in a high-stakes poker game. Robert Horton, Robert Middleton, Dayton Lummis, Gail Kobe.
2:00 AMThe Fugitive 
Fruit picker Kimble clashes with co-workers. Alejandro Rey, Peter Helm, Pepe Hern.
3:00 AMMission: Impossible 
The IMF must ensure a country's honest election. Percy Rodriguez, Mark Lenard, Steven Hill, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau.
4:00 AMPeter Gunn 
A visit to a friend takes a macabre turn for Edie: there's a corpse in the bathroom. Marie: Ruta Lee. Edie: Lola Albright. Gunn: Craig Stevens. Jacobi: Herschel Bernardi. Virginia: Barbara Darrow.
4:30 AMPeter Gunn 
Detective Sammy Hayes goes on trial for murder---while Gunn looks for the real killer. Hayes: Tom Brown. Arthur: Joseph Holland. Gunn: Craig Stevens. Jacoby: Herschel Bernardi. Brenner: Simon Scott.
5:00 AMHighway Patrol 
Two rival gambling czars plot to murder one another.
5:30 AMDragnet 
A thief thinks he's a super-hero. Tim Donnelly, Robert Brubaker, Mickey Sholdar.
6:00 AMDragnet 
Friday and Gannon hope to bust a gambling operation. Chanin Hale, G.D. Spradlin, Bobby Troup, Bert Holland.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy 
Ricky sets up a new household schedule to cure Lucy of her chronic lateness. Gale Gordon.
7:00 AMThe Beverly Hillbillies 
Granny's soap-making may be polluting. Paul Reed, Irene Ryan, Buddy Ebsen.

How to Watch WCTVDT2

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