WFIE GRIT TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WFIE GRIT in the Terre Haute Area

This is the WFIE GRIT TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Terre Haute Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:30 AMBoy Scouts: The Sex Abuse Coverup 
Claims and secret records show thousands of children in Boy Scouts of America programs were sexually abused by Scoutmasters and volunteers in the organization. For decades, the BSA knew abuse was happening and failed to warn or protect children.
5:00 AMMAXX Oven 
Chef Jamie Gwen makes crispy fried chicken, perfect steak, and crunchy parmesan truffle fries with the MAXX Air Fryer Oven. Cook faster than ever, grill at a searing 500°F, and air fry healthier meals with less fat for your entire family.
6:00 AMZane Grey Theatre 
Twin sisters fight over their father's estate. Joan Crawford, Philip Carey, Carl Benton Reid.
6:30 AMZane Grey Theatre 
A girl finds a handsome stranger wounded in her barn. Martha Hyer, Robert Culp.
7:00 AMFort Apache 
A demanding cavalry colonel clashes with his own troops as well as Apaches. The first of John Ford's cavalry trilogy was followed by "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "Rio Grande."
10:00 AMThe Virginian 
Trampas questions the motives of a friend obsessed with a grandiose dam project. Burr DeBenning, Susan Oliver, Scott Brady.
12:00 PMThe Virginian 
The Virginian and an old recluse become guardians of a frightened, mute girl. Judy Lang, Paul Winchell, John Smith.
2:00 PMLaramie 
Jess's temporary job as substitute for Sheriff Corey (Stuart Randall) may become permanent: an ex-con is gunning for Corey. Wade: Pat Conway. Jess: Robert Fuller. Julie: Joan Evans. Lane: Dick Foran. Bartell: Kevin Hagen. Joe: Harry Lauter. Slim: John Smith.
3:00 PMLaramie 
Sandy Catlin (Ben Cooper) wants nothing to do with his outlaw kin. But he may have no choice---his fugitive brothers will stop at nothing to get his help. Marcy: Sue England. Lew: Michael Forest. Rix: Leonard Nimoy. Slim: John Smith. Jess: Robert Fuller. Cobey: George Keymas.
4:00 PMLaramie 
Looking for excitement, runaway teen-ager Bill Watkins finds more than he bargained for with a pair of cattle rustlers. Bill: Jack Chaplain. Johnny: James Best. Samson: Hal Baylor. Slim: John Smith. Jess: Robert Fuller. Ezra: Trevor Bardette.

How to Watch WFIE GRIT

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