WVLT START TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WVLT START TV in the Tri

This is the WVLT START TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Tri. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:00 PMThe Closer 
Brenda investigates the beating death of a gay man as tensions escalate within the squad. Meanwhile, she continues to date Fritz and encounters an infatuated morgue attendant.
7:00 PMThe Closer 
Brenda investigates an immigrant girl's murder in a case marked by false leads and a tragic twist, plus a trip by Brenda to Mexico.
8:00 PMGhost Whisperer 
Melinda helps a ghost accept the truth about her marriage.
9:00 PMGhost Whisperer 
Melinda tries to help a family following a freak accident; Delia endures her first haunting.
10:00 PMIn Plain Sight 
Mary and Brandi's boyfriend Chuck are abducted in separate incidents, and the Feds believe there is a connection between the cases.
11:00 PMThe Good Wife 
Alicia defends jailed drug dealer Lemond Bishop, but he requires her to work with another lawyer she suspects may be coercing witnesses to recant their testimony against Bishop. Meanwhile, Kalinda is forced to train a new investigator.
12:00 AMStrong Medicine 
Lu flashes back to her days as a resident, while taking care of her sick grandma in Puerto Rico. Mary J. Blige guest stars. Rosana DeSoto.
1:00 AMProfiler 
John's girlfriend is badly wounded. Samantha Smith, Tori McPetrie, Tyson Turrou.
2:00 AMThe Division 
Kate's career interferes with her love life; and Raina deals with the breakup of her parents' marriage. Sally Struthers, Debbie Allen.
3:00 AMFamily Law 
A woman runs away with her newborn baby after reneging on an agreement to give the child up for adoption. Ernest Borgnine, Kali Rocha.
4:00 AMSue Thomas: F.B.Eye 
A traffic accident reveals a terrorist plot; Myles discovers that his prized painting is a fake. Troy Kotsur, Ted Atherton.
5:00 AMJoan of Arcadia 
God tells Joan to stop squandering her potential, so she enrolls in an AP chemistry class. Meanwhile, an arson case poses difficulties for Will.
6:00 AMDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
The Army negotiates with Mike over the fate of Black Moon and his warriors. Dan Lauria, Jane Seymour, David Beecroft.

How to Watch WVLT START TV

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