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Live TV schedule for qubo in the Wilkes Barre Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Wilkes Barre Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 PMMonster Math Squad 
The Squad, with the help of the Road Maker Monster, assists Mister Cranky Pants Monster with finding his path to a delivery.
2:30 PMMonster Math Squad 
The squad makes a number line "ruler" to help choose the correct-sized box for packing various numbers of slime cubes.
3:00 PMJakers! 
3:30 PMJakers! 
4:00 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
The Pirates cure Fresco's Itchygitchyitis with a rare fruit.
4:30 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
Fresco is captured by Admiral Krank while practicing a difficult series of pirate skills for "The Next Top Pirate". Leo and Cleo mold Minion costumes so they can get aboard the SS Obey and rescue Fresco.
5:00 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou    new  
Badou tries to get his tusks to grow; Badou finds a magical staff.
5:30 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou 
Badou tries to prevent a digging machine from destroying a rare fossil; Badou attempts to foil a robbery plot to steal the Rhino King's crown.
6:00 PMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Robbie is entrusted with a device containing a baby universe. Trouble brews when Scott Stotz accidentally downloads it into his head and Professor Evil Brainhead comes looking for it.
6:30 PMCosmic Quantum Ray 
Team Quantum must help Olga protect a powerful device that creates anything the user asks for.
7:00 PMThe DaVincibles 
After bringing back a piece of ancient art from Egypt, Pablo enters it in the school art show as his own creation. When Pablo actually wins first place for his plagiarized art, Quba seeks revenge against Pablo and brings the Egyptian artwork to life.
7:30 PMThe DaVincibles 
The DaVinci family travels to Egypt to for B.E.C.A.B, the Brave Explorers Conference and Bar-B-Q. When Quba and friends crash the event in the hopes of destroying the DaVincis, Pablo and Lisa must survive the competitions and avoid their traps.
8:00 PMMadeline 
Madeline and friends take cooking lessons after preparing a calamitous meal for Lord Cucuface.
8:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline auditions for a ballet production with her friends.
9:00 PMMadeline 
Genevieve is dognapped by an impresario who wants to turn her into a star.
9:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline and friends are stranded in a cabin following an avalanche.
10:00 PMMadeline 
Madeline goes to Hollywood to act in a film opposite her favorite star, Sugar Dimples, who turns out to be rather obnoxious and bratty.
10:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline goes on a cruise with Lord Cocoa Face. Narrator: Christopher Plummer.
11:30 PMMadeline 
Madeline's own painting is hung in the Louvre, and she must prove that she is the artist. Narrated by Christopher Plummer.
12:00 AMMadeline 
Madeline investigates a clown's disappearance with Det. Moreau's help. Narrated by Christopher Plummer.
12:30 AMMadeline 
Madeline gets the chicken pox and may not be able to attend a costume party at Pepito's. Narrator: Christopher Plummer.
1:00 AMMarvin Gaye, James Brown, Barry White 
The '70s was a special time for soul music, a decade filled with legendary artists like Al Green, The O'Jays, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and so many more. Week after week, The Midnight Special featured soul artists performing their biggest hits, live and uncut, in the prime of their careers.
1:30 AMCrepe Erase 
Crepe Erase Advanced can visibly transform your skin with 9 super hydrators! Tune in to see how Courtney Thorne Smith and Jane Seymour keep their skin so smooth. Dr. Ordon shares how you can repair the look of crepey skin. Shop at CrepeErase.com
2:00 AMCher 

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