WQMY TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WQMY in the Wilkes Barre Area

This is the WQMY TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Wilkes Barre Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMDateline 
A convict goes undercover in a psychiatric prison to get information from a suspected killer and win his freedom.
1:00 PMJustice With Judge Mablean 
1:30 PMJustice With Judge Mablean 
A woman sues over unpaid loans; A tenant pushes the blame to his landlord.
2:00 PMAmerica's Court With Judge Ross 
A woman seeks compensation after she appears in a workout video.
2:30 PMAmerica's Court With Judge Ross 
Women fight over a parking ticket.
3:00 PMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
A woman wants to prove that her boyfriend is her child's father even though she admits to a one-night stand with her neighbor.
3:30 PMLauren Lake's Paternity Court 
A Chicago man who is involved with two women wants to prove that he's not the father of the youngest child of one of his lovers.
4:00 PMCouples Court 
They met on a dating site and now a five year marriage is on the line when a woman comes to court and accuses her husband of trolling dating sites for other women.
4:30 PMCouples Court 
A Minnesota man suspects his fiancée is cheating with one of his close family members.
5:00 PMJudge Mathis 
6:00 PMTMZ    new  
6:30 PMExtra    new  
7:00 PMDateline 
It is a story of obsession that boiled over into a brutal crime. Right away, one woman said she knew what happened. Yet, it took years to bring the alleged killer to trial and the verdict was far from the end of this case.
8:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a young woman with a mysterious connection to his past, and Intelligence works to find a connection between her kidnapping and several bank robberies. Ruzek gets a tip that a grand jury has been summoned.
9:00 PMChicago P.D. 
Halstead and Atwater go undercover to prevent military grade weapons from hitting the street. Meanwhile, Voight calls in a favor as a last-ditch effort to clear Olinsky's name for Bingham's murder.
10:00 PMExtra    new  
10:30 PMTMZ    new  
11:00 PMAccess Hollywood    new  
11:30 PMDish Nation    new  
12:00 AMThe First 48 
A rape-murder case in Miami is investigated. Also: a Dallas robbery-murder case hangs on the ability of a wounded survivor to identify the attackers.

How to Watch WQMY

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