PBS TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for PBS in the Central Time Zone

This is the PBS TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Central Time Zone. More detailed TV listings can be found by going to our local TV guide.

8:30 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
Daniel needs to wait before getting his hands on the new Tigey the Adventure Tiger book; Daniel is looking forward to play on the playground but he must join everyone in buying new shoes for Margaret.
9:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
Daniel learns that his family will soon have a new member: a baby. He's not sure what to expect; and frets about giving up his old baby things to his new sibling.
9:30 AMElinor Wonders Why    new  
10:00 AMSesame Street 
Elmo and Abby form their own band where Mick can sing in.
10:30 AMPinkalicious & Peterrific 
11:00 AMDinosaur Train 
Keira Chirostenotes cares for the kids while the folks go out to dinner; and the kids learn about sycamore trees while spending a day with their grandparents.
11:30 AMClifford the Big Red Dog 
Clifford and friends cheer up Pablo by putting on a performance based on one of his comic books.
12:00 PMSesame Street 
Elmo and Abby form their own band where Mick can sing in.
12:30 PMElinor Wonders Why 
1:00 PMHero Elementary 
1:30 PMLet's Go Luna! 
Carmen tries to bring Honey the best pasta in Rome to make up for her birthday; Andy promises to have an aqueduct built to bring water to the Circo.
2:00 PMNature Cat 
The pals look for flowers; Nature Cat wants to throw a party to cheer up Squeeks.
2:30 PMWild Kratts 
The greatest running creatures.
3:00 PMMolly of Denali 
Molly and the gang organize an outhouse race to determine who will become "Winter Champions"; Molly decides to create a tutorial video to help her Great-Aunt Merna train her dog to find her keys.
3:30 PMXavier Riddle and the Secret Museum 
How Helen Keller learned to read and speak.
4:00 PMOdd Squad 
The Mobile Unit is called to a top-secret security facility. The Shadow proposes a Villain Network.
4:30 PMArthur 
Francine makes a bet with Arthur that her family can use less water than his; Arthur and D.W. search for treasures in Grandma Thor's attic.
5:00 PMThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! 
The kids help Cat search for his lost rocket, which they believe is at the top of the sky; and learn the importance of bones.
5:30 PMPeg + Cat 
Cat becomes stuck in a tree; and then becomes stuck in a tree again.
6:00 PMPBS NewsHour    new  
7:00 PMAntiques Roadshow 
Conclusion. In Fort Worth. Included: an 1864 Civil War statue hilt presentation sword; 1936 Joe Fortenberry Olympic gold medal; and James Madison's personal seal, ca. 1828.
8:00 PMAntiques Roadshow 
Part 1 of 3 in Indianapolis features a Norman Rockwell charcoal self-portrait, ca. 1976; 1958 signed Indy 500 racing flag; and 1883 Victorian wedding ensemble.

How to Watch PBS

Because PBS is a local broadcast channel, there is a good chance you are one of the 90% of households that can receive this channel for free with a TV antenna. We have a report that shows you what to expect if you installed a TV within your home.

If an antenna doesn't work for you, then live streaming may be the answer. Many live streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now have local channels on their service at drastically cheaper prices compared to what your local Cable TV provider offers. Check this report to see if you can stream PBS locally.

Learning more about PBS

PBS is a major US broadcast network, which has local affiliates across the whole country. The history of PBS is extensive. Learn more about PBS »