KOLDDT2 MeTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KOLDDT2 MeTV in the Casas Adobes Area

This is the KOLDDT2 MeTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Casas Adobes Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 PMPerry Mason 
A man claims an ex-actress is his wife's birth mother. Fay Wray, John Bryant, Malcolm Atterbury, Raymond Burr.
12:35 AMThe Twilight Zone 
A wounded Rebel soldier meets an aristocrat unsure of her husband's fate. James Gregory, Joanne Linville, Warren Kemmerling.
1:05 AMThe Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
Two men vie for a woman's affections. Howard Duff, Dan Dailey, Jan Sterling, Philip Reed.
2:05 AMMannix 
Gang members decide to enhance their reputation by killing Mannix. Thomas Leopold, Stephen Hudis, Eddie Firestone.
3:05 AMCannon 
Conclusion. Cannon encounters a corrupt police force in his probe. Vera Miles, J.D. Cannon, William Conrad.
4:05 AMBarnaby Jones 
A woman who allegedly killed herself is the suspect in a series of murders. James Naughton, Linda Kelsey, Sharon Spelman.
5:00 AMHighway Patrol 
Mathews (Broderick Crawford) investigates a protection racket. Masterson: Roy Engel.
5:30 AMDragnet 
A member of Friday's class is busted for pot possession. Leonard Stone, Harry Bartell, J.C. Curtiss.
6:00 AMDragnet 
Two veteran officers are accused of stealing funds. Virginia Gregg, Len Wayland, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan.
6:30 AMMy Three Sons 
Chip eavesdrops on scientists---and thinks the end is near. Stanley Livingston, Fred MacMurray.
7:00 AM    new  
8:00 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Beaver finds that a haunted house has a live owner. Jerry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley.
8:30 AMLeave It to Beaver 
Beaver sets out on a 90-mile trip. Jerry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow.
9:00 AMPerry Mason 
A girl searching for her father is charged with murder. Antoinette Bower, Bill Williams, Peter Breck.
10:00 AMMatlock 
An actress is accused of her lover's murder. Kerrie Keane, Barry Sattles, Arlene Golonka.
11:00 AMIn the Heat of the Night 
A peeping-Tom minister is found dead after he was seen lurking outside a brothel. Diane Ladd, Banks Harper.
12:00 PMThe Waltons 
Mary Ellen and Erin are infatuated with the same young man. Judy Norton, Mary Elizabeth McDonough, Michael O'Keefe.

How to Watch KOLDDT2 MeTV

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