qubo TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for qubo in the Garden City Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Garden City Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMToddworld 
Todd feels left out when he's not into a new dance craze; Sophie wins a princess role in a show, much to Stella's dismay.
8:30 AMToddworld 
Sophie gets jealous of her new baby sister; Todd and his friends hold an “invent-a-thon” contest that is open to all.
9:00 AMMickey's Farm 
A snowman appears wearing Megan's mitten ; a beaver cuts down trees in the river.
9:30 AMMickey's Farm 
Mickey learns about migration when the ducks leave the pond for the winter; Mickey wants to learn to sing like a robin.
10:00 AMRainbow Ruby 
Rainbow Ruby becomes a dance teacher to help her friend take part in a dance-a-thon; Rainbow Ruby becomes a baker and makes fresh bread.
11:00 AMWibbly Pig 
Wibbly wonders what Big Aunt Larlie has knitted for him when she comes for a visit.
11:30 AMWibbly Pig 
Wibbly rides a rocking horse named Rocket and pretends he's a cowboy.
12:00 PMFireman Sam 
Norman's cousin, Derek, comes to Pontypandy and Norman sends him on a wild goose chase for some flowers, leading him to be in trouble when the cliff crumbles; and Charlie and Station Officer Steele are cast adrift after an engine fire leaves Charlie's fishing boat stranded.
1:00 PMDive Olly Dive! 
While helping Ranger herd his squid, Olly develops a strange "oil leak."
1:30 PMDive Olly Dive! 
Brandt's shell is broken in an accident; Olly and Beth are assigned to photograph as many of the rare species on Diver Doug's chart as possible.
2:00 PMMike the Knight 
Mike overexerts himself while trying to help others; Mike encourages Squirt to be fierce.
2:30 PMMike the Knight 
Mike attempts to retrieve stolen pots; Mike paints his mom's pot.
3:00 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
The Pirates create a flag adorned with friendly symbols in an attempt to foil Queen Conformia's attempt to join the League of Cruel Queens.
3:30 PMPirates: Adventures in Art 
The Pirates discover the reason the color purple affects Fresco so much.
4:00 PMMarvin the Tap-Dancing Horse 
Eddy tells a story that gives his friends the wrong impression of his Grandmother; A day off at the old fishing hole turns out to be no day at the beach when everybody starts bickering and a bear eats their lunches.
4:30 PMNed's Newt 
Newton's food leaves him unable to control his morphing ability; Ned wants to audition for the school production to impress Linda, but the drama teacher gets in the way.
5:00 PMStickin' Around 
Stacy and Bradley discover Lance is afraid of the dark, and use it to get back at him; the kids entertain themselves when a storm cancels recess.
5:30 PMScaredy Squirrel 
The store turns fancy, but Scaredy wants it to go back to how it used to be; Scaredy signs up for a competition but soon regrets his decision.
6:00 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou 
Badou believes a mysterious egg belongs to a dinosaur; Prospero plots to steal a stone carving.
6:30 PMBabar and the Adventures of Badou 
Badou goes on a treasure hunt to find an old pair of skate-sneakers; Lord Rataxes' hot-air-balloon crashes in scavenger territory and he tries to recover his treasures before they disappear.
7:00 PMJane and the Dragon 
Jane competes to carry a special banner in the parade marking the castle's 300-year anniversary. Meanwhile, Dragon seeks Jane's help deciphering carvings on the wall in his cave.
7:30 PMJane and the Dragon 
Dragon becomes overly protective of Jane, who begins to rebel against her fire-breathing pal.
8:00 PMMadeline 
Madeline visits New York and catches a home-run ball at Yankee Stadium. Christopher Plummer narrates.

How to Watch qubo

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