WUPX HDTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUPX HDTV in the Augusta Area

This is the WUPX HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Augusta Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
A Navy culinary specialist is the target of an explosion while visiting her family's restaurant in the French Quarter; and Brody tracks a lead in the general leak case in Washington, D.C.
6:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The team investigates a Navy master diver's murder and partners with Homeland Security after learning the death could be linked to a foreign attack on the city.
7:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The team exposes a spy and massive security breach while partnering with Homeland Security on a mission to locate 900 pounds of missing explosives in the second-season finale.
8:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The team join forces with other federal agencies to track down a sniper targeting crowded areas of the city; and an FBI special agent begins investigating Pride and the NCIS team in the third-season premiere.
9:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The FBI punishes Pride for helping a former Navy analyst who is the prime suspect in a murder case.
10:00 AMNCIS: New Orleans 
The murder of a petty officer inside a sports arena leads the team to discover evidence linking the crime to the kidnapping of another petty officer who was last seen in Mexico.
11:00 AMChicago Fire 
A fire breaks out at a boarding school and Severide questions himself in the aftermath of the blaze as the second season ends. Elsewhere, Dawson retakes the fireman's exam, with some political help from Casey; Mills searches for answers about his father.
12:00 PMChicago Fire 
The Firehouse 51 team deals with the explosion's aftermath in the Season 3 opener. Meanwhile, Casey searches for Severide, who's gone missing; Newhouse has surprising news about Mills' family; and Hermann and Otis make a decision about Molly's.
1:00 PMChicago Fire 
A distraught Severide returns to Firehouse 51. Meanwhile, Mills uncovers more family details; Dawson looks forward to her candidacy at the Austin Firehouse; and Herrmann looks for ideas to improve business at Molly's.
2:00 PMChicago Fire 
A crash involving fire trucks from Firehouse 51 and the Austin firehouse results in drama and blame-shifting. Elsewhere, Boden makes a plan to get Dawson her badge; Mills deals with his past and his future.
3:00 PMChicago Fire 
Dawson tries to strike a balance with Casey during her first day as a candidate. Meanwhile, Mills ponders an uncertain future; Severide faces his demons; and a city inspector visits Molly's.
4:00 PMChicago Fire 
Casey deals with the aftereffects of his sister's divorce announcement; and Dawson and Mills get used to their new roles at Station 51. Meanwhile, Brett ponders whether to leave Chicago; and the Molly's crew works to get the food truck started.
5:00 PMChicago Fire 
Casey helps out his sister while taking down his shady brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Brett assists a mother in need; Mills learns about unlicensed private investigation; and Hermann starts training Dawson.

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