WUPX Defy TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUPX Defy TV in the Augusta Area

This is the WUPX Defy TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Augusta Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog searches soup kitchens for a fugitive he believes is homeless.
12:30 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog handles two cases during the threat of thunderstorms.
1:00 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog enlists a fugitive's family to help him with a case.
1:30 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Two cases are pursued, one after the other, with little time to rest, and one of them presents the challenge of confronting a fugitive in a public restaurant.
2:30 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
A pursuit in Colorado Springs has the team searching in bars, motels and on skid row.
3:00 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog visits a fugitive's family and extended family searching for tips to help his case.
3:30 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog pursues two fugitives with drug problems.
4:00 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog gives Beth a puppy for her birthday, and she wants the pooch to join them on their next case.
4:30 PMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog and Beth work a case on Halloween night and are alarmed by the fugitive's weapons collection at his home.
5:00 PMPawn Stars 
Christmas items include an 1800s one-horse-open sleigh; unpublished Christmas art from Mad magazine; a Christmas tin from World War II; and a J.H. Rector rifle.
5:30 PMPawn Stars 
"Star Wars" items include a Boba Fett prototype; an autographed poster; a card collection; and piece of the Death Star. Also, an early 1900s Shelby bicycle.
6:00 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a 1906 silver half-dollar that belonged to a passenger on the Titanic; a first edition of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"; a 1936 Zeiss 16mm camera; a Howard Hughes plane altimeter.
6:30 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a 2014 Hertz Penske GT Mustang; an old-fashion apple peeler; and a 1600s lobster-tail helmet from Oliver Cromwell's army.
7:00 PMPawn Stars 
Items include an 1894-S Barber dime; a John Belushi autograph; a 1950s Jim Henson puppet; and a 1965 Schwinn bicycle.
7:30 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a rare Nepalese Bira gun from the late 1800s; a 1970s Bob Peak TWA mural; and a three-trumpet brass horn.
8:00 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a hand-painted, signed guitar from Def Leppard's Phil Collen; a pair of sneakers signed by LeBron James; a 19th-century carriage clock; and original Mogen David wine ad.
8:30 PMPawn Stars 
Dodgers baseball memorabilia bench; a 19th-century Hobbs & Co. lockbox; an original Woody Woodpecker oil painting; a set of educational books called the Delphian Course.
9:00 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a chair belonging to Abraham Lincoln; a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game; a signed Seinfeld script; and antique firefighting buckets.
9:30 PMPawn Stars 
Items include a WWE Hall of Fame ring; a 1927 Essex Sedan rat rod; an 1891 $1 silver certificate; a rare doo-wop recording of "Stormy Weather."
10:00 PMPawn Stars 
A look at some of the priciest items to appear on the show, including a $70,000 gold coin from 1915; a hydro jetpack; works from graffiti artist Keith Haring; an exclusive Hertz Penske GT Mustang.
10:30 PMPawn Stars 
An REO Flying Cloud hot rod; a Picasso etching; and miniature gold-plated pants awarded to Ohio State football players.
11:00 PMPawn Stars 
A one-man submarine; an officer's commission from the Revolutionary War; and a miniature Model T Ford with a working motor.
11:30 PMPawn Stars 
A chair from the U.S. Senate; a signed photo from NASA's Gemini launch; a NASCAR driver's suit that once belonged to Ryan "The Rocket Man" Newman.
12:00 AMPawn Stars 
A naval blunderbuss from the 1600s; a 1978 GMC motor home sponsored by Coca Cola; and a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader's 1989 Super Bowl ring.

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