WUPX TrueReal TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUPX TrueReal in the Augusta Area

This is the WUPX TrueReal TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Augusta Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:30 AMLove at First Flight 
Four couples visit a honeymoon destination after being paired by an expert matchmaker. Then, the couples use their last dates of the journey to determine whether they've gone from travel partners to life partners in just 30 days.
3:45 AMLove at First Flight 
The couples conclude the last leg of their eight-stop with the ultimate destination: marriage.
5:00 AMGene Simmons Family Jewels 
Shannon's in Aspen for R & R, and Sophie talks Gene and Nick into going there to join her. Sophie, however, has an ulterior motive: a young snowboarder.
5:30 AMGene Simmons Family Jewels 
Gene misses a “Rent-A-Bachelor” charity event because of his slow recovery, and Nick goes in his place; and Gene tries holistic cures.
6:00 AMDance Twins 
Nisa hates to lose dance competitions. After her loss to twin sister Tria, Nisa will let nothing stop her from achieving victory this week. The twins' mother, Brenda, is desperate to mend her relationship with Nisa.
7:00 AMDance Twins 
Team Nisa and Team Tria face off in their first pageant of the season. Landree is Nisa's front runner when it comes to pageants, but when Amanda accuses Nisa of slandering Landree's name, Nisa hits her breaking point with the Douglas family.
8:00 AMDance Twins 
Nisa and Tria are both looking to win the hearts of Cleveland this week at the town's car show.
9:00 AMDance Twins 
Landree and her brother Landon compete in a duet this week and create a wedge between the twins, but Brenda isn't having it. Old relationships are questioned when Nisa feuds with one of the mothers at her studio.
10:00 AMDance Twins 
Team Nisa, Team Tria, and Team Douglas head to Austin, TX to compete for a $10,000 grand prize at a prestigious glitz pageant. With so much money on the line, as well as their reputations, the twins are expecting perfection.
11:00 AMDance Twins 
For the first time this season, Nisa and Tria compete their group routines head-to-head, but find themselves in a frenzy with distractions. Between broken teeth, hysterical mothers, and the persistent Douglas family, it is revealed whether Nisa and Tria will have the time.
12:00 PMHoarders 
A woman is forced to live in her car due to her hoarding and her daughters threaten to call Adult Protective Services. Also: Child Protective Services threaten to remove a woman's two daughters if she doesn't clean up her Napa Valley home.
1:00 PMHoarders 
A home is deemed unsafe to live in and a woman is forced to move out because she no longer has enough room for herself.
2:00 PMHoarders 
A man faces financial ruin if he is unable to clean up his hoarding habits, which have forced he and his girlfriend out of her house and into an apartment. Also: a woman's grandson may be in danger due to the state of her property.
3:00 PMHoarders 
A woman's house is condemned due a hoard of filth and animal carcasses. Also: a couple's love of Halloween spirals into a hoarding nightmare, forcing their teenage son to issue an ultimatum.

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