WTVQ True Crime Network TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WTVQ True Crime Network in the Augusta Area

This is the WTVQ True Crime Network TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Augusta Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

4:00 AMNew Detectives 
A gun is confiscated from a suspect and matches one in a police database; an autopsy reveals a man died of a bullet through his skull.
5:00 AMNew Detectives 
Forensic detectives analyze clues to establish patterns of guilt.
6:00 AMRescue 911 
The work of first-responders.
6:30 AMRescue 911 
The work of first-responders.
7:00 AMRescue 911 
The work of first-responders.
7:30 AMRescue 911 
The work of first-responders.
8:00 AMNew Detectives 
Police examine bite marks on murder victims to determine a suspect. Included: an investigation in which police obtained dental molds.
9:00 AMNew Detectives 
Crimes committed by military personnel, including a sergeant who reported his wife missing and found himself charged with murder; and a sailor killed with his own gun.
10:00 AMOcean Force 
10:30 AMBeach Patrol 
Sisters are overcome by surf; officers respond to a suicide call. Also: the California Lifeguard Championships. Host: Ian Ziering.
11:00 AMCity Confidential 
The 1989 murder of Horace McKenna is recalled. Narrator: Paul Winfield.
12:00 PMCity Confidential 
A woman's death from an apparent accidental fire in 1998 is uncovered with evidences that points to her husband as the culprit.
1:00 PMCold Case Files 
With the use of new technology and evidence, police and detectives attempt to solve old crimes.
2:00 PMCold Case Files 
Cases in which evidence kits and DNA testing are used to bring about justice. Included: rape cases; a 16-year-old murder case.
3:00 PMSecrets of the Morgue 
A sadistic serial killer stalks young male drifters in Florida. As the death toll reaches five, it will take a jailhouse tip, a survivor's story, and a tiny chip of paint to track him down.
4:00 PMMeet Marry Murder 
Chris is entangled in a love triangle that would see two people losing their lives.

How to Watch WTVQ True Crime Network

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