WFMY The Justice Network TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WFMY The Justice Network in the Brookville Area

This is the WFMY The Justice Network TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Brookville Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

1:00 PMCrime Stories 
The case of murders in a kidnapping-for-ransom scheme carried out by Russian immigrants in the U.S. is examined.
2:00 PMCrime Stories 
A serial spouse-killer case from 1978 is recalled.
3:00 PMCrime Stories 
A 1951 murder that led to a revenge killing by a relative of the victim is recounted.
4:00 PMNew Detectives 
Cases of fraud. Included: a man covers his guilt in a murder and arson investigation; a man makes a murder looks like a car accident.
5:00 PMNew Detectives 
In criminal investigations, a simple clue can provide the key to place a suspect at a crime scene.
6:00 PMNew Detectives 
An ATF informant disappears; evidence from a car links a man to a murder; a search for a missing roommate turns up a body.
7:00 PMNew Detectives 
Examining cases involving bombers, snipers and spree killers. Included: forensics involving blood work.
8:00 PMTrace of Evil 
In May 1995, the body of a young woman is found on a golf course just miles from Albany, New York.
9:00 PMTrace of Evil 
A killer, who identified then murdered his victims, causes a manhunt which lasts nearly three decades. The science of DNA eventually leads to his capture.
10:00 PMKiller Kids 
The case of a Florida teen who killed his sister; the case of the Warwick Slasher in Rhode Island.
11:00 PMKiller Kids 
Copycat murders are planned by two teenage boys; a 4-year-old is found dead in Savona, N.Y.
12:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog helps two women in need, including a woman who is dying from cancer and wants to see him as a final request.
12:30 AMDog the Bounty Hunter 
Dog takes his daughter along to help in a case.
1:00 AMThe Investigators 
New Orleans police search for a murder victim after a drifter is allegedly killed. Their investigation leads them to fans of a cult film.

How to Watch WFMY The Justice Network

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