WPGH Antenna TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WPGH Antenna in the Charleroi Area

This is the WPGH Antenna TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleroi Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:30 PMBewitched 
Conclusion. Ben Franklin goes on trial. Fredd Wayne, Marion Lorne, Harry Holcombe.
3:00 PMThe Facts of Life 
Jo tries to feminize her lovesick tomboy cousin. Megan Follows, Nancy McKeon, Donnelly Rhodes, D.W. Brown, John Mengatti.
3:30 PMThe Facts of Life 
Mrs. Garrett fights book censorship. Charlotte Rae, Mindy Cohn, Roger Perry.
4:00 PMDiff'rent Strokes 
Magician Arnold "disappears" when a writer visits to do a story on the family. Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Veronica Redd.
4:30 PMDiff'rent Strokes 
Drummond likes his new division director, though nobody else does. Wendy Fulton, Conrad Bain, Dana Plato, Gary Coleman.
5:00 PMGimme a Break! 
Grandma takes charge when Nell gets sick. Jane Dulo, John Hoyt, Nell Carter.
5:30 PMGimme a Break! 
The girls plan to crash Andy Gibb's secret recording session. Lauri Hendler, Kari Michaelsen, Nell Carter.
6:00 PMBarney Miller 
A potentially virulent strain of DNA is stolen. Kay Medford, Jack Kruschen, Stefan Gierasch.
6:30 PMBarney Miller 
Vigilantes imprison a thief. Howard Honig, Rod Colbin, Michael Tucci, Helen Verbit.
7:00 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
Archie is in a movement to oust sex education from Stephanie's school. Mark Lonow, Alan Fudge, Martha Nix.
7:30 PMArchie Bunker's Place 
Archie needs a buyer for Murray's share of the tavern. Joe Mantegna, Ian Patrick Williams, Barry Gordon.
8:00 PMAlice 
Vera's high-school reunion romance. Kip Niven, Beth Howland, Linda Lavin.
8:30 PMAlice 
A jilted acquaintance flips for Alice on the rebound. George Wendt, Beth Howland, Celia Weston, Vic Tayback.
9:00 PMThree's Company 
Jack's "adopted" by an elderly woman. Amzie Strickland, Lois Areno, John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Jenilee Harrison.
9:30 PMThe Ropers 
Stanley takes a job at his brother-in-law's meat-packing plant. Rod Colbin, Dena Dietrich, Evan Cohen.
10:00 PMJohnny Carson 
Peter MacNicol; Sunni Black; Woody Harrelson.
11:00 PMDesigning Women 
An old prison mate of Anthony's turns up. Richard Gilliland, Jason Gourson, Dixie Carter.
11:30 PMDesigning Women 
Bill and Charlene's relationship is in jeopardy over his mourning the death of his first wife. Douglas Barr, Jean Smart, Dixie Carter, Delta Burke.
12:00 AMCoach 
Hayden sees camping, fishing and football in his future---but no Christine (Shelley Fabares). Richard Sanders, Sandy Faison.
12:30 AMCoach 
Hayden and Christine break up and Hayden finds consolation from a surprising source. Elaine: Robin Strasser. Bartender: Mik Scriba.
1:00 AMBecker 
John is accidentally shot and is taken to a hospital where he has to put up with obnoxious doctors and nurses. Frances Fisher.
1:30 AMBecker 
An attractive doctor becomes attracted to John. Frances Fisher, James Greene, Ted Danson.
2:00 AMNewsRadio 
A gripe session results in hurt feelings for Dave. Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick.
2:30 AMNewsRadio 
Dave turns to Bill for public-speaking tips; Matthew gets some very expensive gambling lessons.

How to Watch WPGH Antenna

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