qubo TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for qubo in the Charleroi Area

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Charleroi Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:30 AMRupert 
7:00 AMRupert 
7:30 AMRupert 
8:00 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Rabbit and Mouse raid Hazel's blueberry stash; Mouse receives a birthday surprise from Rabbit.
8:30 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Hazel loses her collection of acorns when a snow-covered branch knocks them away, and the gang works together to help recover them.
9:00 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Mouse thinks Jasper's mind is frozen; Thunder attributes his good ideas to a "horn ring."
9:30 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Rabbit accidentally causes a leak in the beaver dam; Rabbit thinks he can make the moon appear by snapping his fingers.
10:00 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Rabbit and Mouse play Follow the Leader; Mouse is not a fan of rain.
10:30 AMMy Friend Rabbit 
Rabbit and Thunder accidentally dispose of Mouse's moss; Jasper promises to share a surprise if everyone is quiet.
11:00 AMGrossology 
A brother and sister crime-solving team use scientific facts to investigate icky crimes that are too gross for local law enforcement. Based on the books by Sylvia Branzei
11:30 AMGrossology 
Abby is kidnapped and placed in a greenhouse filled with man-eating plants.
12:00 PMGrossology 
Season 2 opens with a case of sibling rivalry when Insectiva fights her sister Arachnidia in an epic bug battle downtown.
12:30 PMGrossology 
Someone's filling the sewers with alligators, which are making their way to people's toilets.
1:00 PMGrossology 
Abby suffers from vertigo after Lance Boil inserts a device in her ear that allows him to control her every move.
1:30 PMGrossology 
Sloppy Joe opens a fast-food joint with portions so big that half the food is thrown away, creating a garbage overload in the city.
2:00 PMSidekick 
Eric is stuck in a time loop and must get to the bottom of it; the town falls under an evil spell on Halloween.
2:30 PMSidekick 
Eric and Trevor face off against their evil doppelgangers; social networking lands Eric in trouble.
3:00 PMSidekick 
XOX invades Eric's body, taking control of his brain; a video game becomes reality and forces Eric and the gang to protect Maxum Man's mansion from invading armies.
3:30 PMSidekick 
Maxum Man resurfaces, but Eric thinks he's acting strange; local kids start having nightmares at the hands of a new villain.
4:00 PMSidekick 
A new martial-arts craze confounds Eric; a collector villain lures Eric to a sci-fi convention with the intention of adding Eric to his collection.
4:30 PMSidekick 
Eric accidentally destroys a robot version of Santa and must track down the real one to save Christmas; Eric and Trevor find a device that brings snow to their sweltering town.
5:00 PMClass of the Titans 
Arachne makes a deal with Cronus in order to shed his spidery skin and become human again.
5:30 PMClass of the Titans 
Odie, Jay and Neil are stranded on an island with Calypso.
6:00 PMClass of the Titans 
Cronus frees the Kraken to use as bait and draw out Poseidon.
6:30 PMClass of the Titans 
Cronus offers help to a Cyclops who was blinded by Odysseus and now wants revenge.

How to Watch qubo

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