KPJKD FNX TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KPJKD FNX in the San Fran/Sacramento Area

This is the KPJKD FNX TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the San Fran/Sacramento Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMTiga Talk! 
The children and Tiga listen to the rain as they learn about different kinds of homes, including tepees, caves and houses on wheels.
8:30 AMTansi Nehiyawetan 
The kids learn the Cree words for articles of clothing. Also: a performance by Joseph Naytowhow.
9:00 AMWapos Bay 
T-Bear runs in an election for National Youth Council president.
9:30 AMArt Zone 
10:00 AMFinding Our Talk 
Renewing the Maori people's pride in their history, culture and language.
10:30 AMCooking With the Wolfman 
A program on aboriginal food preparation.
11:00 AMCreative Native 
A spotlight on aboriginal artists and craftspeople.
11:30 AMFirst Talk 
Key issues in rural and urban aboriginal communities are discussed.
12:00 PMHorse Tribe 
The decision of the Nez Perce to bring horses back to their land and lives is detailed.
1:30 PMunderEXPOSED 
Gracey faces new experiences by shooting the Canadian Open Freestyle Kiteboarding event at the Squamish Spit, at which champ Sam Medysky appears.
2:00 PMWorking It Out Together 
The ladies get makeovers at a salon; Steve learns the results of his diabetes test. Also: John N. McComber demonstrates the Iroquois smoke dance.
2:30 PMFrom the Spirit 
Inuit carver Abraham Anghik Ruben and his work are featured.
3:00 PMNative Planet 
Host Simon Baker travels to Northwest Australia to visit one Aboriginal tribe defending their "song lines" and way of life as their government and corporations attempt to develop the world's largest natural gas fields around them.
4:00 PMFirst Talk 
Key issues in rural and urban aboriginal communities are discussed.
4:30 PMBehind the Brush 
5:00 PMFirst Contact 
The group arrives in Muskrat Dam in Northern Ontario where they learn about relocation.
6:00 PMDemocracy Now!    new  
7:00 PMIndigenous Focus 
Profiles include the Ayoreo in South America; and the Dongria in India. Also: Brazilian tribes recall their first contact experiences.
7:30 PMFish Out of Water 
Don climbs a coconut tree and husks coconuts, while learning about the Samoan people. He also dances with fire and is challenged to build his own fire using only traditional materials.
8:00 PMRed Earth Uncovered 
Shayla continues her search for Sasquatch and takes a tour through Sasquatch Provincial Park with Bill Miller.

How to Watch KPJKD FNX

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