WGPX HDTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WGPX HDTV in the Greensboro/Surround Area

This is the WGPX HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Greensboro/Surround Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

8:00 AMLaw & Order 
Cutter and Connie contend with an unscrupulous attorney mired in a high-profile lawsuit against an airline company. Mercedes Ruehl and Dallas Roberts guest star.
9:00 AMLaw & Order 
Married biologists find their son and housekeeper murdered in their home, prompting an investigation that has the wife revisiting her sorority days.
10:00 AMLaw & Order 
The investigation of a trucking-company owner's murder uncovers possible ties to the Russian mob and evidence of a secret love affair. Robert Iler, Michael Aranov, Adam Grupper.
11:00 AMBlue Bloods 
Danny investigates a case involving a woman who shot her husband while she was drunk. Also, Anthony ignores Erin's orders to drop an assault case.
12:00 PMBlue Bloods 
The Season 10 premiere: A year-old homicide case is brought to the attention of Danny and Baez by Maggie, the medium who previously helped them solve a case. Also, Frank looks for a way to help his ex-partner Lenny Ross when his daughter is arrested.
1:00 PMBlue Bloods 
Frank and Erin are at odds over a list of "unreliable" cops kept by the D.A.'s office. Also, Danny and Baez recruit retired mobster Vincent Rella to assist in an investigation, and Jamie participates in a decoy operation to take down a predator.
2:00 PMBlue Bloods 
The suspicious death of a terminally ill woman is investigared. Also, Erin receives an unsolved robbery case that proves to be impossible to crack without help from Anthony, and Danny and Baez uncover the truth behind a puzzling assault claim.
3:00 PMBlue Bloods 
Frank is conflicted about how to deal with a former cop who's upset about his pension. Also, Jamie helps a friend deal with illicit pictures of his daughter on the Internet; and Danny hunts down a killer who shot his online prison pen-pal.
4:00 PMBlue Bloods 
Jamie and Frank oppose each other's viewpoints over the public's treatment of cops after rowdy teens pour water on two rookies. Also, Danny and Baez investigate a man who preys on the elderly.
5:00 PMBlue Bloods 
Henry works as an investigative consultant for child services. He and Danny butt heads over a case involving a man who is volatile toward his wife. Also, Frank is caught in the middle of an ongoing battle between the NYPD and the FDNY.
6:00 PMBlue Bloods 
Erin works on a case of a nanny accused of abuse.She disagrees with the psychiatric consultant, Dr. Alice Dornan, regarding her diagnosis and punishment suggestion.
7:00 PMBlue Bloods 
A woman is found dead at a men's-only club. Danny and Baez investigate if her death was an accident or the result of foul play.
8:00 PMBlue Bloods 
A widow blames Frank for her husband's recent suicide while on the job. Also, when Eddie has a gut feeling about a murder, she and Erin band together to solve the case.

How to Watch WGPX HDTV

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