UNC-EX TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for UNC-EX in the Greensboro/Surround Area

This is the UNC-EX TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Greensboro/Surround Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

2:00 AMImpossible Builds 
The transformation of six sand islands near Dubai into a luxurious holiday destination.
3:00 AMAcross the Pacific 
Pan Am builds larger flying boats and harnesses radio for navigation as it dominates service to Latin America. Juan Trippe's plans to cross the Atlantic are dashed when Britain bars his planes from landing. So he sets his sights on the Pacific instead.
4:00 AMMy Home, Nc 
4:30 AMNcimpact 
5:00 AMRick Steves' Europe 
Rick takes a tour of Sicilian highlights, from Palermo to Taormina.
5:30 AMReconnecting Roots 
A visit to Flushing, New York and exploring America's religious freedom.
6:00 AMFinding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. 
Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and John Turturro, all with immigrant parents, gain greater understanding of the unique challenges their ancestors faced by way of prejudice and poverty at home and abroad.
7:00 AMAntiques Roadshow 
Conclusion. In Charleston, S.C. Included: an 1890 Frederic Remington watercolor; a 1970 Jimi Hendrix collection; and an 1879 James A.M. Whistler "The Palaces" etching.
8:00 AMCanadian Rockies by Rail 
A tour of the Pacific Northwest and the Canadian Rockies via the Rocky Mountaineer explores the region's people, history and culture; and also the history of the railroad and its importance to Canada.
9:00 AMGreat American Railroad Journeys 
Michael Portillo leaves the United States to embark on the next leg of his rail journey in Canada.
10:00 AMGreat American Railroad Journeys 
Michael Portillo's rail journey through eastern Canada continues along the Grand Trunk railway.
11:00 AMThe Great British Baking Show 
The four semi-finalists tackle French fare, including three types of canap├ęs; Charlotte royale; and an opera cake.
12:00 PMRick Steves' Europe 
A visit to Belgium includes a stop at Brussels and the small town of Bruges. Also: a look at a medieval hospital; a carillon concert.
12:30 PMCurious Traveler 
San Miguel de Allende and. how it became a magnet for retired American military on the G.I. Bill.
1:00 PMAmerica's Heartland 
Arizona sheep drive; Tennessee shearing school; and sheep help prevent Nevada wildfires.
1:30 PMIn the Americas With David Yetman 
The revenues and benefits from Amazon oil for native people vs. oil merchants.
2:00 PMSamantha Brown's Places to Love 
Samantha goes sailing around the historic British Virgin Islands with Capt. Lisa Roland and learns sailing essentials while at sea. Included: Samantha plants coconut trees; hikes through the Baths; makes her conch ceviche; meets Chef Sam at Potters by the Sea; chats with famed musician Quito Rymer; tries a legendary Painkiller drink; and more.
2:30 PMNorth Carolina Weekend 
This series highlights travel destinations in the state.

How to Watch UNC-EX

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