WSLS Get TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WSLS Get TV in the Greensboro/Surround Area

This is the WSLS Get TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Greensboro/Surround Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

11:30 AMSanford and Son 
A real-estate company wants to buy the Sanfords' block. Yuki Shimoda, Helen Funai, Demond Wilson.
12:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
A white supremacist targets a black pastor who once testified against him for murder. Paul Winfield, R.D. Call.
1:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
A robbery crew enlists a parolee who wants to go straight and reunite with his estranged family. Danny Trejo, Boris Cabrera.
2:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
Walker's friend is raped by a trio of attackers who use the "date-rape drug" Rohypnol. Yelba Osorio, Rosana DeSoto. Walker: Chuck Norris.
3:00 PMWalker, Texas Ranger 
The hunt for a plane that crashed with $3 million on board finds Walker and Alex tailed by a trio of opportunists. Chuck Norris.
4:00 PMGuns of Paradise 
A new marshal rides into town, but is short on scruples.
5:00 PMGuns of Paradise 
Ethan pursues a bank robber who has a price on his head that also attracts Dakota.
6:00 PMGood Times 
J.J. dreams he turned white. Jimmie Walker, BernNadette Stanis, Ralph Carter, Ja'net DuBois, Sorrell Booke.
6:30 PMGood Times 
The family meets J.J.'s new girlfriend. Tina Andrews, Jimmie Walker, John Amos.
7:00 PMSanford and Son 
Lamont dislikes Fred's fiancée. Slappy White, Lynn Hamilton, Demond Wilson.
7:30 PMSanford and Son 
Fred wants Lamont to buy a color TV. Demond Wilson, Redd Foxx, Peter Bonerz, Slappy White.
8:00 PMAll in the Family 
Mike plays bartender at Archie's opening. Jason Wingreen, Andre Pavon, Sorrell Booke.
8:30 PMAll in the Family 
Archie takes pills to handle pressure. Part 1 of two. Danny Dayton, A Martinez, Arny Freeman, Jean Stapleton.
9:00 PMAll in the Family 
Archie fails to call from a convention. Part 1 of three. Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, Rob Reiner.
9:30 PMAll in the Family 
Mike and Gloria think Archie's run off with a secretary (Gloria LeRoy). Rob Reiner, Sally Struthers.
10:00 PMSanford and Son 
Fred sings as he hosts old pal Bowlegs. Scatman Crothers, Billy Eckstine, Redd Foxx.
10:30 PMSanford and Son 
Lamont calls a radio talk show to impress a date. Margaret Avery, Edmund Cambridge, Whitman Mayo.
11:00 PMHot in Cleveland 
Plans to join a country club could be undone by Elka's history with the club president.
11:30 PMHot in Cleveland 
Melanie dates a professor who makes her feel dumb; Victoria wants to get rid of the housekeeper; Elka's frustrated by her writing partner; Joy goes out with a guy she thinks is Rick Springfield.

How to Watch WSLS Get TV

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