WCLJ ION Plus TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WCLJ ION Plus in the Indianapolis

This is the WCLJ ION Plus TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Indianapolis. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMThe Listener 
A video-game developer is found dead the day before his newest title is released.
1:00 PMThe Listener 
A psychiatrist is murdered, leaving Toby to deal with a mentally unstable suspect.
2:00 PMThe Listener 
A mayoral candidate is suspected of murder; Becker becomes obsessed with Toby's gift.
3:00 PMThe Listener 
Oz's neighbor is murdered, and the team learns that he was involved in a legendary coin heist.
4:00 PMThe Listener 
A poisoning case is investigated. The victim was a cooking-show contestant and was killed on live TV.
5:00 PMThe Listener 
A billionaire is murdered, and the investigation uncovers family drama that makes Toby wonder about his own kin.
6:00 PMThe Listener 
Toby experiences memory loss after being drugged, and he's accused of kidnapping.
7:00 PMThe Listener 
Toby investigates a man he believes is being framed for a murder.
8:00 PMThe Listener 
Becker is implicated in a criminal conspiracy in the Season 5 finale.
9:00 PMThe Listener 
A telepathic paramedic (Craig Olejnik) tries to save a boy who's missing in the series premiere. By using his gift, he learns about the child while treating an accident victim: the child's mother, who's too traumatized to speak.
10:00 PMThe Listener 
Toby rescues an old friend from a building fire and begins hunting a serial arsonist.
11:00 PMThe Listener 
Toby pursues a homeless man to help find a missing girl and soon suspects the man may be psychic as well.
12:00 AMThe Listener 
Toby leaves a club with a woman who turns up dead the next day, making him a suspect in her murder.

How to Watch WCLJ ION Plus

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