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Live TV schedule for qubo in the Indianapolis

This is the qubo TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Indianapolis. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:00 PMThe Choo Choo Bob Show 
Richard directs a movie, and Bob rides a caboose; Richard becomes a barber, and Bob rides on a light rail train.
12:30 PMThe Choo Choo Bob Show 
The gang rides the Empire Builder on National Train Day; Bob and his friends ride the Surfliner.
1:00 PMThe Choo Choo Bob Show 
Choo Choo Bob celebrates his birthday, and then Choo Choo Bob goes on a ride through South Dakota in the series premiere of this children's show in which info about trains is presented via music, puppets and footage of real train rides.
1:30 PMThe Choo Choo Bob Show 
An unusual bird is spotted by Choo Choo Bob; Choo Choo Bob shrinks in size to visit a farm in Tinyland.
2:00 PMGiver 
Children ages 6-12 help build playgrounds in Ontario communities over the course of three days.
2:30 PMGiver 
The team creates a music-theme playground.
3:00 PMGiver 
The team works with the community to build a park in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
3:30 PMGiver 
The team builds a camp playground at the Ontario Camp of the Deaf in Parry Sound.
4:00 PMGiver 
The team sets sail on constructing a brand new boat themed playground for the community of Chippawa in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
4:30 PMGiver 
A gnome-theme park is built for a farming community in Linwood, Ontario.
5:00 PMLook Kool 
Hamza studies math.
5:30 PMLook Kool 
Hamza learns about the process of doubling numbers.
6:00 PMLook Kool 
Measuring is taught.
6:30 PMLook Kool 
The number zero is studied.
7:00 PMLook Kool 
Sound combinations are featured.
7:30 PMLook Kool 
Hamzda learns about shapes and patterns.
8:00 PMInspector Gadget 
Dr Claw tries to eliminate Gadget's ancestors by going back in time.
8:30 PMInspector Gadget 
Gadget must stop Dr Claw from stealing Rome's ancient treasures by going back in time.
9:00 PMInspector Gadget 
Dr Claw tries to eliminate Gadget's chimney-sweeping relatives from the 19th century.
9:30 PMInspector Gadget 
Dr Claw hires The Great Great Grandfather to get rid of Gadget.
10:00 PMInspector Gadget 
Weapons disguised as novelties are being released by M.A.D.
10:30 PMInspector Gadget 
Gadget tests his new invention with Capeman.
11:00 PMInspector Gadget 
Inspector Gadget saves a scientist from being kidnapped by Dr. Claw.
11:30 PMInspector Gadget 
Inspector Gadget and Penny head off on a vacation in the country when they get a frantic call from the Chief that Dr. Claw has stolen an experimental missile and is planning to destroy Metro City.
12:00 AMInspector Gadget 
M.A.D. agents try to destroy the circus.

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