WRTV Grit TV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WRTV Grit TV in the Indianapolis

This is the WRTV Grit TV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Indianapolis. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

12:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
The self-righteous sister of a man Hardie (Dale Robertson) killed has a gun herself---and she intends to use it. Linda: Madlyn Rhue. Klinger: William Forrester. Lonnie: Hank Warden. Coffee: Robert F. Simon.
1:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Hardie risks his job to help an outlaw go straight. Dangler: Russ Conway. Renton: Roscoe Ates. Hardie: Dale Robertson.
1:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
The Donlan gang would give a lot to see Hardie . . . dead. Polly: Beverly Tyler. Wade: Richard Shannon. Tom: Bing Russell. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Cy: Ron Hayes.
2:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
An outlaw-turned-teacher finds himself in great demand---as a murder suspect. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Bender: Bruce Bennett. Sheriff: Johnny Mack Brown.
2:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
His outlaw family complicates the life of Wells Fargo messenger Charles Mason (John Anderson). Hardie: Dale Robertson. Judd: Walter Maslow. John: Frank Gerstle. Shorty: John Doucette. Muriel: Joyce Meadows.
3:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Hardie poses as Jesse James to trap a thief. Sawyer: Steven Terrell. Turner: Jack Littlefield. Woodson: Richard Travis. Cass: Mike Masters. Norton: Jack Ingram. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Lund: Gene Roth.
3:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
A robbery investigation is complicated by murder. Withers: Olan Soule. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Dorcas: Harold J. Stone. Benson: Robert B. Williams. Mooney: Bill Henry.
4:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Ex-gambler Bill Dowd (Tom Pittman) has a hard time convincing people that he has reformed. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Potter: Richard Deacon. Emmett: Wilton Graff.
4:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
An outlaw paroled in Hardie's custody threatens to expose the townspeople in his memoirs. Dawson: Edgar Buchanan. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Anderson: Roy Engle. Quinn: Charles Wagenheim. West: Dan White. Helen: Shary Layne.
5:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Hardie's assignment: deliver a valuable statue to Virginia City. Soo: Clarence Lung. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Marcy: Elaine Edwards. Wong: Harold Fong.
6:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Banker Les Caldwell (Jeff Morrow) attempts a "perfect" crime---the theft of $100,000 from his own bank. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Rachel: Joyce Taylor. Kramm: William Mims. Bell: Edward C. Platt. Sheriff: James Craig. Rockaway: Sam Gilman. Michael: Dean Smith.
7:00 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Hardie is beaten in a gun draw---and Wells Fargo thinks he has lost his nerve. Reno: Tom Neal. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Savage: William Bakewell. Simmons: Robert J. Wilke. Banner: Francis DeSales.
7:30 PMTales of Wells Fargo 
Charles Bronson plays a reformed Butch Cassidy, helping Hardie trace train robbers. Dale Robertson, James Coburn, Barbara Pepper.
8:00 PMTrue Grit 
A crusty marshal helps a teenager track down her father's killer.
11:00 PMThe Texican 
A lawman is falsely accused of a crime. Audie Murphy, Broderick Crawford, Diana Lorys, Luz Marquez, Antonia Casas, Molino Rojo. Filmed in Spain.

How to Watch WRTV Grit TV

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