WIPX TrueReal TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WIPX TrueReal in the Indianapolis

This is the WIPX TrueReal TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Indianapolis. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

9:00 PMWahlburgers 
Paul visits the Lone Star state and gets a full cowboy experience as he explores a possible Austin location. Alma and Phyllis help Brandon get his dating life on track. Paul puts his body on the line to learn a new skill in an attempt to spend more time with his son, Ethan.
10:00 PMWahlburgers 
Mark, Paul, Alma, and Donnie recall various moments over the seasons.
11:00 PMWahlburgers 
Paul visits a beef Distributor in Amsterdam in preparation for a possible military base location in Germany, while Nino tries to distract him with playing tourist the entire time. While Paul is out of the country Mark and Donnie do their best to deal with oversight on their existing U.S. locations. Paul ends up with some special new footwear.
12:00 AMGhost Hunters 
The hunters head down south to Louisiana to help a woman who is worried that the sugar cane plantation that has been in her family since after the Civil War, may literally be haunted by its troubled past. Maureen has fond memories of growing up at the St. Joseph plantation, but recent sightings of a bloody apparition now have her and her staff petrified.
1:00 AMGhost Hunters 
Strange things begin when Luke and Chelsea started renovations in an abandoned hospital.
2:00 AMGhost Hunters 
The remote mining town of Clifton, Ariz., has been trapped in a devastating cycle of violence, mayhem and natural disaster since it's founding in 1873. The townspeople have turned to the Ghost Hunters to investigate the continuous paranormal activity and the connection, if any, to Clifton's history of death and misery.
3:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
A ghost haunts Don Most's girlfriend's home; a spirit warns Fred Willard about a disaster; Gina Lee Nolin encounters the spirit of someone who was murdered; and Lolita Davidovich is contacted by a deceased friend's spirit.
4:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
Taylor Hicks meets a mysterious woman who gives her a life-changing message; Janine Turner finds something from her past; Charles Dutton disturbs a grave; and Joshua Leonard is haunted by terrible visions.
5:00 AMCelebrity Ghost Stories 
Shelley Long meets ghosts from the Civil War; Daniel Stern and his wife tour a haunted town; Gail O'Grady's deceased brother contacts her; and Matt Sorum meets ghosts in a recording studio.
6:00 AMParking Wars 
An Israeli tourist tries to get his impounded car; a deliveryman becomes irate over a ticket; and the vehicle of a couple on a date gets the boot.
6:30 AMParking Wars 
A woman tries to get her car that was towed while she was in labor; and a man fumes over a ticket he received while parked in front of a broken meter.
7:00 AMParking Wars 
Three angry brothers try to retrieve their impounded car.
7:30 AMParking Wars 
A new resident's car is towed; many tickets are distributed in front of a hoagie shop; a tow-truck driver deals with being the lone female on her squad.
8:00 AMStorage Wars Texas 
A Civil War artifact is uncovered on a trip to Fort Worth.
8:30 AMStorage Wars Texas 
A trip to the Lake Highlands section of Dallas uncovers a historical item. Also: Lesa faces off against retired NFL player Roy Williams in a bidding war.
9:00 AMStorage Wars Texas 
A visit to Lewisville leads to a feud over a player piano.

How to Watch WIPX TrueReal

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