WUAB HDTV TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for WUAB HDTV in the Cleveland/Columbus Area

This is the WUAB HDTV TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Cleveland/Columbus Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

5:00 AMMarie Osmond BodyGym 
Marie Osmond has raised the bar in fitness. Marie shares one of her secrets that helps keep her looking and feeling younger and healthier. Get ready to experience & feel something wonderful, Results! Measurable Results that you can see and feel.
5:30 AMAndrew Wommack 
The impact of Scripture is discussed in this religious series.
6:00 AMHempvana Gold 
Sick and tired of aches and pains? Muscle and joint pain a struggle? Get real relief from nagging joint and muscles pain quickly with Hempvana Gold Pain Relief Cream. Hempvana Gold has 100% more cannabis and is available in all 50 states.
6:30 AMR.A. Vernon 
Inspirational messages from Pastor R.A. Vernon.
7:00 AMMaury 
A woman suspects her father is cheating on her mother; and a woman has doubts about her husband.
8:00 AMAmerica's Court With Judge Ross 
A jacket is destroyed at a group painting night.
8:30 AMSupreme Justice With Judge Karen 
A ticket broker sued over fraudulent tickets to a football game; a man claims his reputation was damaged by a podcast.
9:00 AMCMSD on WUAB 
10:00 AMThe Steve Wilkos Show 
Crystal and Steven's marriage is in shambles as she admitted to cheating on Steven with multiple members of his family. Plus, Jeremiah and Tyniah have been together since they were teenagers and now have two children together. Tyniah says she cannot see herself with anyone else, but Jeremiah says he heard rumors that Tyniah had sex with another man and questions his entire relationship.
11:00 AM19 News at 11AM 
12:00 PMJudge Mathis 
1:00 PMJudge Jerry 
2:00 PMJerry Springer 
A woman may have second thoughts about giving her ex another chance; a man confesses to his girlfriend that he slept with her sister.
3:00 PMHot Bench 
A director sues a videographer for being absent during shoot but he claims that she's a poor planner; A man complains that a woman tricked him to get $3,700.
3:30 PMHot Bench 
The inventor of green topaz is sued by a chemist for his alleged failure to return jewelry. A ruby is offered up.
4:00 PMThe People's Court    new  
5:00 PMThe Drew Barrymore Show    new  
Jennifer Garner; Pretty Little Middle with Dr. Aliza Pressman; Tom Green.

How to Watch WUAB HDTV

Because WUAB HDTV is a local broadcast channel, there is a good chance you are one of the 90% of households that can receive this channel for free with a TV antenna. We have a report that shows you what to expect if you installed a TV within your home.

If an antenna doesn't work for you, then live streaming may be the answer. Many live streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling and AT&T TV Now have local channels on their service at drastically cheaper prices compared to what your local Cable TV provider offers. Check this report to see if you can stream WUAB HDTV locally.