KAJR Decades TV Guide Listings

Live TV schedule for KAJR Decades in the Ames Area

This is the KAJR Decades TV schedule for the next 12 hours within the Ames Area. You can view other local TV listings by going back to the full TV guide schedule.

6:00 PMThe Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 
Johnnie Ray; Teresa Brewer; Jennie Teal; Phil Foster; Smith and Dale; Shelley Berman; and Brook Benton.
6:30 PMThe Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 
The Four Seasons; Leslie Uggams; KomazuruTsukushi; Manitas De Plata; Topo Gigio; Sergio Franchi; and Leontyne Price.
7:00 PMThrough the Decades 
Featured are Count Basie, Totie Fields, the Mecners, Nancy Sinatra, Hendra and Ullett, Tony Bennett, and Dolores Gray.
8:00 PMThe Dick Cavett Show 
Carroll O'Connor is interviewed in 1973.
9:00 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
Rob and Sally suspect Buddy of infidelity. Pippa Scott, Ed Peck, Morey Amsterdam.
9:30 PMThe Dick Van Dyke Show 
Rob tries to find a TV so he can watch an important show. Tom D'Andrea, Chanin Hale, Robert Nichols, Bella Bruck.
10:00 PMCheers 
Conclusion. Diane decides to fly to Paris with Sam's brother. Lois de Banzie, Helen Page Camp, Peggy Kubena, Alan Koss.
10:30 PMCheers 
Sam and Diane's romance has a rocky start, with him getting thrown out of her apartment after only five minutes. Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson.
11:00 PMTaxi 
Louie's nervous about meeting Zena's folks. Rhea Perlman, John C. Becher, Camila Ashland.
11:30 PMThe Bob Newhart Show 
Bob has an unhappy birthday party. Suzanne Pleshette, Peter Bonerz, Marcia Wallace.
12:00 AMThe Lost Honeymooners 
12:30 AMGet Smart 
The Chief's lookalike shows up. Edward Platt, Susanne Cramer, Don Adams.
1:00 AMThe Phil Silvers Show 
As punishment for gambling, Bilko's heroes must attend a lecture on Beethoven. Phil Silvers, Paul Ford, Herbie Faye.
1:30 AMCar 54, Where Are You? 
Toody takes center stage at the policemen's ball. Beatrice Pons, Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Phil Leeds.
2:00 AMThe Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 
Dobie must prove his family's honesty. Diane Jergens, Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver.
2:30 AMAbbott and Costello 
Lou is mistaken for a master crook.
3:00 AMOur Miss Brooks 
Connie (Eve Arden) applies for a better job . . . the same one Mr. Boynton and Conklin are seeking. Mr. Boynton: Robert Rockwell. Conklin: Gale Gordon.
3:30 AMOur Miss Brooks 
Conklin and Mr. Boynton buy shares in Walter's car---and then quarrel over ownership rights. Connie: Eve Arden. Conklin: Gale Gordon. Mr. Boynton: Robert Rockwell.
4:00 AMDark Shadows 
4:30 AMDark Shadows 
5:00 AMThe Millionaire 
A GI leaves his fiancee to find the man who saved his life in Korea. Marvin Miller, Ed Kemmer, Nancy Howard, Ted Jacques.
5:30 AMThe Millionaire 
Philip Sargent's wife thinks he stole the million dollars. Philip: Elliott Reid. Joyce: Marjie Millar. First Trooper: Norman Willis. Second Trooper: Robert Forrest.
6:00 AMSteve Canyon 
An airman's transfer to the Air Force Academy is jeopardized by a disagreement with a sergeant over a girl.

How to Watch KAJR Decades

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