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Huntsville, AL 35813  

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Our TV guide data provider is having a major outage. They hope to have it turned back on (so that we can display it to you) soon. Please be patient with us while we are working to get things back to stable or everyone. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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 Local Programming 
11:00 pm

Larry & Tiz Huch
12:00 pm
Local Programming Today With Marilyn and Sarah
1:30 pm
Joseph Prince
2:00 pm
Local Programming Sam Adeyemi
3:00 pm
Bill Winston
3:30 pm
Local Programming John Hagee Ministries
6:30 pm
Andrew Wommack
7:00 pm
Joni Table Talk
7:30 pm
Marcus & Joni 
8:00 pm

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